Society Tells Me My Life Really Sucks!!! Does Yours?

In many ways my life really sucks. Sadly many who read this are sharing in those feelings of despair. Some of those feelings are real, genuine and warranted because there are those among us who have many obstacles to overcome on a daily basis – Just think of the brave men and women who served America who today are missing limbs, feeling the effects of PTSD or even a family who lost someone at home or abroad. However I also believe a lot of pain, hurt and anger felt today is largely to blame on the culture we live in today.

Today we live in a world that is not only highly materialistic but also a world that seeks instant gratification. We simply want things and we want them now and sometimes we don’t care how we get them. We want the new toy or gadget the minute it becomes available and we are in a rat race to show off our possessions to our friends, family and to strangers. We all want the latest car, IPhone, IPad, watch, suit or even video game, despite the fact the actual improvements on the current model are usually minor. We want them because they are new and the current one is “old” and we like making statements about ourselves.

Added to this culture is the way politicians on both sides of the aisle speak about possessions, poverty and how we must “fix” things. It seems that the narrative today is if you have possessions you are happy and if you don’t you are miserable. Have we really become so shallow today that our happiness is defined by our possessions? Can nothing else fill the hole we find in ourselves on a daily basis?

I ask this for a reason. I live in the Socialist Utopia of Ireland and by many standards I live in relative poverty. I am also one of those people who is very unhappy with my life and the world I live in today. I can honestly say that while money would solve a lot of the problems I have in life right now, money would not make me happy. Let me explain.

The economy in Ireland like many countries has really stunk since 2008 and I am just one of thousands of people struggling to find constant, reliable work. In fact I have not had a full time job since 2011 and it kills me every moment of every day. Naturally with no full time work in four years, life has been very tough and money sure would be nice. It would be a relief not to have to worry about putting food on the table.

It would be wonderful to be in a position to do some of the following things we can all take for granted:
• clear off a personal loan or at least not be in arrears;
• buy some new clothes and shoes;
• buy material objects we all take for granted like a cell phone or my own car;
• do something simple like going out for dinner / bar / cinema with some friends and family and not have to worry about the check;
• save up and take a vacation to America and spend time with friends, family and spend time exploring your country.

So would money make a difference to my life? Absolutely and I am sure most who currently live in or have experienced any level of poverty can attest to this. However it would not make me happy because my life means more than a collection of gadgets. Today it seems society has forgotten the important life lesson of understanding the difference between a want and a need.

I look at the glass as half full because in some ways I am incredibly blessed. I am incredibly blessed with the greatest gift in the world – the gift of faith. I understand that my God is great, that despite how bad things get in my life he has a plan for me and I know there is NO limit to his power, greatness, love or mercy.

I am incredibly blessed with a great mother who has helped me more times than even I care to count, providing a roof over my head and bailing me out financially many times. I know without her I would be living on the streets and would not be the man I am today.

I am incredibly blessed to have some truly incredible friends, be involved with and accepted by so many wonderful American’s who fight for freedom and love every day. I am incredibly blessed to be one of the people who is wide awake today, have a real understanding of the problems facing the world today and understand why God and freedom must win.

This column started about happiness. So let me tell you what would make me happy. Firstly I wish I had a permanent full time job so I could once again be a free and independent person and not be a burden to society. I always knew government was not the answer, but this experience has really cemented my things that the best welfare program is a job. A job is not just something you do, a job is your way of life, your freedom, your independence and it is who you can become.

Secondly I wish I had a visa and a route to America so I could help and serve the nation I love. I want to testify to the existence of God, his greatness, and why the principles America were founded on worked once and can work again if we just believe in them. I want my life to count and stand for something.

This world is going to change so much over the next 18 months and right now that blueprint is being formed by politicians and bureaucrats. I believe Thomas Paine was right when he said, “We have it in our power to begin the world again”. We must ensure the future does not belong to politicians and ensure it belongs to the individual and the principles of faith, hope, love and charity.
I would ask you to reflect on your life and focus on the ways you are blessed. Lastly please remember and pray for those in society who are so poor, all they have is money. God Bless each of you!

END NOTE: I am desperate to serve America and cause of freedom in anyway I can. However I limited to what I can do from Ireland so I would really appreciate any help and support you can provide the site in getting the message out to as many as possible. Please consider sharing this article and any other articles you like on social media or by email with your friends and family. Lastly feedback is always welcome on content, layout or any aspect of the site. God Bless over you always!

8 thoughts on “Society Tells Me My Life Really Sucks!!! Does Yours?

  1. There are “old souls”- these are people who, no matter when they are born, just “know”. Seems like they get it, can impart positive and encouraging thoughts, can teach us all life’s real & true lessons. You fit this category. You are a gift to so many.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Colleen but I honestly don’t deserve them. I am just a normal guy desperate to serve. I wish I could do a lot more, but that is all in God’s hands. Have a blessed weekend. God Bless you!

  2. I wish to concur with the other lady’s comment & also add some well-deserved accolades. You have written a compelling & thought-provoking composition & I greatly appreciate you sharing your perspective with us! I wish you could join us here in America to help us appreciate the freedoms we now have & strengthen our resolve to protect those most valuable of assets!

  3. Thank you Elizabeth. I am glad you think it was thought provoking – that was my aim. It seems today many of us have a deep hole inside us and we are desperate to fill it with material things. I believe that we need to find meaning and fill it with real things.

    I pray I get to America one day aswell but sadly many Americans and those in government seem to value people who break the law over those who want to do things right. Regardless I will continue to serve in any way I can and testify to the principles that made you great once, and can do so again 🙂 God Bless you always!

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    I also enjoyed reading you last two articles.

    • Jim, my major need is to serve and for my life to mean something. Right now I don’t have that and it destroys me at times. My other need is a job so I can be once again independent – I will keep applying for any work that comes up and hope something breaks my way. I will check out your project. God Bless you

  5. You are not alone. Keep fighting the good fight. May God bless you with increased strength and courage. You are making a difference.

    • Thanks Judy. We must all stand together but when we have God on our side, we are never alone. God Bless you :-).

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