Personal Examples of Why the Teachings of Socialism are Un-Natural

Growing up in the socialist Utopia of Ireland, I have witnessed first-hand the arguments from the “left” of how and why the rich are to blame for every problem in the world and how capitalism really sucks. I come from a family of socialists who believe we need more government and regulations to fix the world’s problems. I can count on one hand the amount of Irish people who share and believe in a similar message of Freedom as I do.

Over the last few years I am witnessing new levels of hate as people have increased feelings of desperation, entitlement and greed. People today feel they are entitled to everything and need to pay for nothing. There are many reasons for these feelings ranging from the global economy crisis, lack of involvement and support from the community, neighborhood and the Churches, but I also believe the biggest reason is the lack of a real alternative being offered today. I have been blessed that my whole life America has been the counter weight of freedom for the whole world, but today that is changing.

I believe to defeat an obstacle; we must study it deeply and find ways to overcome it. The more I study the left, the more I feel sorrow for a lot of them. I feel sorry for them because they have such a screwed up way of thinking. Maybe I am totally wrong but I find it totally unnatural to hate someone else. I find it unnatural to think someone else being successful or rich has any impact on your life. I find it unnatural to not find happiness in someone else’s joy and success. I find it unnatural to hear good news and feel resentful of that person’s good fortune.

I wanted to share some personal examples of things I have witnessed recently in my life and prove why I feel more and more sorrow for the folks who have socialist beliefs that lead them to hate.

Example One – Love

I have seen a recent rise in my friends finding girlfriends, falling in love, getting married and some having their first baby together. I can honestly say I am delighted for each of them. I firmly believe in the power of love and the joy it can bring to people but also to the world. One of the people finding love is one of my closest friends – I know his journey, the pain he has suffered and now he has found someone he loves and she loves him. I am over the moon happy for him and pray things work out and who knows what the future holds for them.

Now I am one of those people who has always sucked in the girlfriend department and have been single over seven years now and honestly that is highly unlikely to change anytime soon. Now this raises the question, am I single because so many of my friends have wives and girlfriends? Should I be jealous and hate my friends because they have someone to love and I do not? Should I complain to anyone who will listen about how unfair my life is because they have love and I do not?

Example Two – Jobs

The Irish economy has sucked for the majority of people since around 2008 when Ireland received a bail-out from the IMF and it has affected millions of people. I was lucky to have had a great job during the start of the crisis but that changed in 2011 and I have not held a full time position since. I cannot begin to put into words how it feels to be without full time work, what it’s like to be dependent on others and what it’s like to be a burden to society. All I can say is I believe you die a little bit inside every day you are unemployed and get rejected. Recently some of my friends have not only found work but one got a huge promotion at work.

Again if I was using the thinking of the left, I should ask am I without a full-time job because so many friends of mine have jobs. Should I be jealous and hateful towards them for having full time work, while I only have a part-time job? Should I complain about how unfair my life is and keep telling myself I am entitled to one?

Example Three – Visas

Most people, who know anything about me, know I have a life-long dream of not only moving to America, but being an American citizen – it is one of the things I strive for most in this world. It is a dream shared by none of my family. Yet my cousin moved there several years ago for a job and recently had his contract renewed and some believe he will stay there forever. Life is funny sometimes – The person who wants to become American, can’t! But a relation who never had that dream will one day soon potentially become a citizen.

Again I could ask the questions from the prior two examples. I could even fool myself in thinking that since I spend some much of my time involved in American politics that I am somehow more entitled than him to become an American. However the truth in life is we are entitled to anything.

Example Four – MONEY!!!

Now some might read this and think none of these are relevant to the arguments the left make on class and money. After all you can live without love, jobs and a U.S. visa but you cannot live without money. Okay, let me deal with that one as well. I come from a very diverse family who have many different interests, experiences and wealth levels. While I have never officially checked, I would imagine I am the poorest members in my family (if I am not, I defo near the bottom). I have members of my family who have their own businesses or have high-powered jobs.

So here is the simple truth. I am not poor because any member of my family is successful and “rich”. I am not poor because they have jobs. I am not poor because members of my family have created businesses and gone on to become successful. I am not poor because some of them drive fancy cars and have a nice lifestyle.

I am poor due to a lack of jobs in the Irish economy and a lack of opportunity.

It is too easy and I believe unnatural to blame someone else for things that are not right in your life. I find it unnatural to keep pulling other people down to your level or to a level that is “fair”. I believe we need to focus more on opportunities and inspire people to rise up to a better level. After all who at the bottom is going to be happy when they share the bottom with more people – I for one don’t want people to have the same life as me. The aim must be for people at the bottom to have a life similar to those at the top.

Lastly I believe one of the biggest poverties we have in this world are those of hopes and dreams. Far too many people today have lost their ambition, feel the world today is as good as it gets and far too few dream of a brighter tomorrow. We desperately need to change that. When I see people finding and achieving their dreams whether that is finding love, a job or having more money, I do not get jealous and think they are taking from me. I dream of the day that I achieve my dream – because dreams always seem more attainable when you see someone else achieve theirs.

END NOTE: I am desperate to serve America and cause of freedom in anyway I can. However I limited to what I can do from Ireland so I would really appreciate any help and support you can provide the site in getting the message out to as many as possible. Please consider sharing this article and any other articles you like on social media or by email with your friends and family. Lastly feedback is always welcome on content, layout or any aspect of the site. God Bless over you always!

10 thoughts on “Personal Examples of Why the Teachings of Socialism are Un-Natural

    • lol Thank you Colleen. I know plenty who would say it better but I try my best. I will always say things and try highlight problems. God Bless you always 🙂

  1. I do so enjoy reading your posts. We share the same beliefs and desires. Too, I am so pleased that there is someone who appreciates what America once was. Unfortunately it has changed, and not for the better. The mentality changed to a
    “can’t beat them join them” mentality. Too many have given up the fight. Keep talking, you speak heartfelt truth. I do share your emails. God Bless you!

    • Thanks for your kind words and I still have hope for America once you start to remember what made you great in the first place. I will keep testifying to the principles that made you great once and will make you great again. I will also do anything else I can as I am here to serve.

      God Bless you and thanks for sharing my emails. I do appreciate your support.

  2. For some real insight into socialism and its roots and agenda read : “Totalitarianism: How the Socialist Faith is Destroying America.” (Ray Peach) I have it on Amazon Kindle.If the people that love freedom don’t wake up and realize what is taking place in America and research the socialist movements throughout history and their outcome,there will be no hope for anyone.

    • I have never heard of this book Glenn but I will check it out. However I live under socialism and am desperate to get away from it so I can speak at length why the policies do not work. God Bless over you always!

  3. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues. It was truly informative. Your site is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

    • I plan on writing more going forward. We need to break down the issues of the day and get the message of freedom out there. God Bless you. JD

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