It’s Time To Stand! #NeverAgainIsNOW

As Ireland celebrates gay pride and America recovers from the SCOTUS approved Gay Marriage, I am making my own stand. If you have listened to ‪#‎TheIntersection‬ over the last six weeks, you have heard speak about ‪#‎phonyactivism‬.

I am sick of the gay marriage debate, stomping on flags, banning flags, movies and games, drawing cartoons and making hash-tags trend. To those who think this is solving anything, I say good luck. However I am choosing a different path and going to stand for things I believe in.

  • I changed my profile picture on all my social media today so it is clear and unmistakable for all! I AM A CHRISTIAN.
  • I stand for Traditional Marriage!
  • I stand with the Nuns who were raped in the Middle East!
  • I will stand with my Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
  • I will stand against throwing gay people off buildings, stoning gays, and stopping them having a driving license.
  • I will stand with those Muslims who are not just Muslim enough!
  • I will stand with Christians (like Mormons) who are also deemed not Christian enough!
  • I will stand with the kids who are being crucified!
  • I will stand against tyranny regardless of its form – whether that is socialism, communism, fascism, government or Supreme Courts, Terrorism, Dictators and theocracies!

I testify before you today that the answer to the above list of tyranny is not by seeking a deal, the middle ground, a moderate or a person/party who offers less tyranny. It is by offering REAL FREEDOM!!!!

Stand for something! We still have it own power to change the world, the question do we want to act or we want to give up!!! It really is that simple! Have a blessed weekend & God Bless each of you!

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8 thoughts on “It’s Time To Stand! #NeverAgainIsNOW

  1. In my eyes it’s an abomination and I will never support it. Romans 1 is clear how God feels about it as well. We cannot serve 2 masters, I will serve God and stand for and on His word.

    • I try my best to stand with God aswell. We must encourage people to put God first and serve only him but we must also lead by example. God Bless you!

    • I believe we can change this. Now is the time we act. 🙂 God Bless you

  2. Thank you for excellent article. I will stand with you. I hate the term standing in solidarity…a tactic used to avoid action. I stand with Christ and will not recant my Christian beliefs. God have mercy on our world. Blessings to you today.

    • Amen! I will stand with you. I will stand with Christ and our Christian beliefs. Now is the time we must stand and ACT so we can change the world. God Bless you

  3. God bless you as well. Yes, we have t set an example. I don’t hate the people, but what they do. We have the choice. It’s our time to speak up for what we believe.

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