Why the Response to Texas Shooting Bothers Me!!!

I am disturbed by the amount of support my friends and family are giving this “free speech” event in Texas. I have seen so many people say we have a freedom to express themselves and it is their right. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM IN AMERICA TODAY! We have people on both sides of the political spectrum speaking about “their rights” and so few speaking about their rights AND their responsibilities.

Does anyone have the right to draw a cartoon? Yes go for it. You are a free person and no one should have the right to stop you!I can go around all day calling people names and insulting everyone I meet… It is my right, but it is hardly mature or acting in a responsible way.

I fully support Pamela’s right to hold such an event but it is not the answer. This world has more than enough hate in it… People are being raped, stoned, thrown from buildings, people are rioting in the streets, people are being beheaded… Everywhere we look we see hate… How about we chart a different path?

How about we choose love? How about we choose peace? How about we stop looking at people and judging by the color of their skin, their sexuality, their religion and start seeing a person and judge them on their actions!

I am so sick of hate… We are at war in so many ways right now and so few are talking about them… Yet the more I see the world the more I am beginning to think the real war is keeping our hearts warm and nothing else! Pray for love. Beg our God for real love because that is the only thing that can conquer hate. God bless each of you and God bless America.

16 thoughts on “Why the Response to Texas Shooting Bothers Me!!!

  1. What you are asking for does not work, with islam. Period. End of Story.

    • Curious what I am asking to work with regards Islam. This was also about the people we are becoming. Hate is never the answer and if we fill ourselves with hate – we lose. God Bless you!

  2. I am glad that Pamela Geller does what she does and I don’t know if she is a Christian to point out to her the agape love issue. In this country the people are asleep when it comes to awareness of the requirements in the Quran and Hadith to practice what the “Islamists” manifest. I have enjoyed knowing numerous Muslims, and love them enough to let the Holy Spirit manifest through me to know the God I serve. Pamela Geller may not do that but she surely gets Islam to manifest its beliefs in a country where she is allowed to do that freely. Blame what drives the Islamists not Pamela Geller.

    • I agree that a lot of Americans are asleep… However spreading hate won’t wake them up… Standing against something won’t wake them up. What will wake people up is love and standing for something.

      It is not my job to blame anyone, only to point out the facts as I see them brother. Pamela can make her own choices in life and answer for them before God, I just wish people did not want to see or participate in drawing cartoons of another religion. God Bless you

  3. Have to agree 100% with you, John. It’s free speech, but it’s intent was divisive, to say the least. Definitely not the way to express ourselves. Just because hate speech is also protected, does not mean anyone should resort to it. Great observation, my friend!

    • Thank you Terry. I see enough hate… want to start sharing love! God Bless you!

  4. Dearest Brother I understand your concerns at what you see,feel or discern as “hate”. And in many ways you are right & spot on and again you are deadly wrong.
    1. Yes we who are & claim to be followers of Christ are called & commanded to love your enemies, do good to them, reach out and go the extra mile if need be with them in his name. Yet being the flawed sinful creatures we are & as you pointed out that God loving,fearing,serving, constitution loving Americans have been “politically” asleep for far too long. to where & politically speaking we are useless. And that left a “political vacuum” the more radical wing/arm of American Conservative better known as Tea Party Patriots,3 presenters (III %) All who live,eat,breath & live for and will protect to their death the Constitution.
    2. That radical wing/arm ( which in the name of transparency to which i also belong to) Is tired of all the political correctness that has like a noxious weed called Kudzu ( here in my part of America) has grown unchecked for far too long and needs tending to. Blend in the fact due to “political marketing & messaging ” the progressive left” has mastered and used quite effectively for far too long.
    3. Thus you and all out there can see,read what kind and flavour of push back many here in America are doing. Now and for the record and you have admitted ( I do believe) the and while those in Garner Texas did have & continue have the protection of the US Constitution to say & do as they did & have..but the question that I here from all over is Just because someone/anyone has the right to do so…but in the name of good manners & etiquette SHOULD they have done so?? My answer is and remains my brother is For ALL have sinned & fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and even after being taught & raised better are many times rude & have bad manners …not and excuse..just the reason/rational for it !! catch ya later Brother…

  5. In response to this.. its not hate to Speak Truth and inform people of the Evils of Islam, obviously you know nothing about Islam! They are from the Pits of hell, and they want you dead.. Infidel!!! Obviously you have not seen any foreign news, or the countless Isis video’s of beheading any one whom don’t believe in or Follows Muhammad or Allah! and that is even Muslims, but Mostly Christians, and Jews!!! But they are raping woman and Children, young little girls and boys, for their evil pleasure! Is that not to be Exploited??? .. MUSLIMS don’t treat women with any respect. in fact they mutilate their genitals at a young age, rape them at will, ‘thigh’ infants, stone them to death, have sex with dead wives, are allowed to eat their dead wives, and buy and sell women as ‘sex slaves’. Is that not Evil, and should it not be known to all of their evil plight.. So is that not hate, I love all in Christs name, but GOD even knows his enemies, must be eradicated!!! I will love them unto Death!! and Pray for their Soul… Does Islam show any Love for Non followers of the Qur’an, I suppose we should of just loved Hitler??? That would of worked? Not!!!

    • Let me deal with your points…

      1. Drawing a cartoon of their prophet is NOT informing people.
      2. Clearly I have a different opinion to you so I must know nothing.
      3. I do not base my moral compass on what other people do. I base it on what is right.
      4. Regarding Hitler – I believe countries fought him in World War 2, not have events insulting Mein Kamph.

      However to answer your larger point. I will stand against any tyranny – Islamic or otherwise and will try spread the message of love and freedom. However I refuse to deal with this world thru the lens of generalizations. There are plenty of Moderate Muslims out there. Muslims are not the problem. Islamo Nazi / Islamo Fundamentalists are. We must stand against them but we must also offer solutions.

      When one stands against something, it is impossible to gain traction. When you stand for something, you win. God Bless you!

  6. Thanks for your comments brother. I am always open to being told I am wrong as I always want to learn πŸ™‚ Maybe I am wrong but honestly I just can’t stand anymore hate. I believe the answer to this war is love and standing for principles. I see so many people standing against things and the way I see the world is there are so few standing and offering real freedom and real love. That is the answer. God Bless you always πŸ˜‰

    • I hear ya & i understand your care/concerns about hate speech real or imagined..as i closed before…sadly good and bad people suffer from the lack of good home training ( manners & behaviour) which like a slow leak of a underwater pipeline will over time erode away and eventually cause a sink hole…and in this case or situation i feel that is what you see,and feel…Bless you my brother…as i have every confidence that if we were together in a tight spot and needed to protect ourselves and others around us..I fel very confident you’d have my back to the best of your ability…Time to hit our nightly family devotional time…#ShieldsHigh !

      • Brother, we all must stand together or we will surely hang individually. I want to link arms with people who stand for principles, love and peace. God Bless you always.

  7. FD- you need to start preaching to the Muslims of the world. They will behead men, women, children who’s only crime is being a Christian. The set fire to a Muslim who was a member of the enemy’s air force. If drawing cartoons will vet these radicals out, then so be it. I’ve heard that there are over a billion Muslims. If one per cent (1%) are radical that is 10 million.

    • Thanks for your comment but it is not my job to preach. However I refuse to divide people into groups. I will also quote scripture to you – forget about the spec in anothers eye and worry about the log in your own eye. We must not justify bad behavior by comparing it to worse behavior. We must think about whether the actions are right or wrong. God Bless you

  8. I URGE you to spend a few weeks reading Aayan Hirshi Ali’s 3 books- Infidel, Nomad, Heretic
    Then get back to me on your thoughts. Thx. Love your pure spirit/ really Christ-like-As is the best way. You can try to love these people to life. And maybe we can all die trying….and we can ponder the passage from our own Bible Ephesians 6:10-17
    Please read these books. Looking forward to your insights.

    • Thanks for your kind words Colleen. I am trying to be a better man, but I also believe in correctly identifying the enemy :-). We need to speak out against tyranny, not generalize about groups of people. I will check those books out (I have a list of books to read beforehand though). God Bless you always.

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