Never Give Up!!! A Life Lesson from the Yankees

I believe our lives are a journey and each lesson if used in the right way can make us stronger and better people. I firmly believe we can learn life lessons and take inspiration from many everyday situations we see today but sadly we are asleep or focused on other situations. Today I want to share a simple sports story with you that has been repeated millions of times in history but it is one that I believe is critical and one I have taken inspiration from this week…

I LOVE all types of sports and have learned many life lessons both playing and watching sports. I am a HUGE Yankees fan (yes I take a lot of heat for that from many people including my radio co-hosts) However this week the Yankees did something very special.

Let me take you back to last Sunday evening. The Yankees lost a baseball game AGAIN. They went on a run where they played pure garbage and everything was going wrong for the club. They were in the middle of a historic bad patch where they lost eleven out of the last twelve games. As you can imagine things were looking bleak for the Yankees and to make matters worse, they knew the next fixtures where playing against the team who have the best record in baseball for three games – the Kansas City Royals. Logic might suggest it was going to be a bloodbath and more pain was on the horizon for my beloved Yankees.

Well logic in this case would be DEAD WRONG!!!! The Yankees played three games against the best team in baseball and the Yankees WON THE THREE GAMES!!! Not only did they win the three games but they did so by a score of 23 – 4!!! That is a rout in anyone’s book.

Now I am not sharing this story to gloat or to convert anyone to support the greatest team in Baseball and sports history. I am sharing this to highlight a very important life lesson and now I believe that is very important for the future of America. There are many today who think America is over, that your best days are behind you and that we all should just give up. Well this story proves that things can change at a moments notice and that we never know what is around the corner. We might expect immediate results but sometimes the battle itself is not winning, it is staying the course and believing that we can still turn things around.

I am sure there were many in New York who were not looking forward to playing Kansas this week. If they had given up and had negative thoughts on Monday they would have got hammered and lost more games. They believed in themselves and they fought back, overcame the problems and now are on a nice little three game win streak.

America, we are living in dangerous times and the future of the world is at a tipping point as tyranny seems to be winning everywhere. I am begging you not to give up, but to get up tomorrow and the day after and any time you fail, try amd try again because you never know when you will turn the corner. However you can never turn that corner if you give up and don’t try! This week the Yankees proved it – Now lets see America prove it! God Bless each of you and God Bless America!!!

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  1. Yankees lost the 1960 World Series to the Pirates, even though they scored twice buenas noches as many runs. Electoral college works the same way.

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