ITS OFFICIAL!!! I am a Hater and I Have Proof :-)

So the war on Christians hit the shores of Ireland this week as a bakery was fined for refusing to bake a cake for a gay marriage. This family is being subjected to hate and abuse from the folks who claim to be “tolerate”!!! I have been called a lot of names this week for voting against Gay Marriage and this got me thinking.

If I was a baker WHO would I refuse service to. I believe in the free markets so I did not expect a long list to be honest. After about 2 minutes of thinking I came up with 12!!!! Wow I guess its true what people say about me – I really am a hater and a bigot!!! Here are the types of cakes I would refuse to bake (BTW I am sure I left some out)

  • A cake for ANY non-traditional wedding;
  • A cake for a Church like Westboro Baptist Church with a insulting message like God hates f**s!!!
  • A cake celebrating any EVIL Communist murder like Che, Stalin, Lenin, Mao or Pot;
  • A cake celebrating Hitler / Mein Kamnp or gas chambers;
  • A cake which featured any anti-Semitic messages;
  • A cake celebrating Planned Parenthood, abortion or the evil Margaret Sanger;
  • A cake celebrating the KKK / hangings or slavery;
  • A cake celebrating segregation or how it was a benefit to society!
  • A cake mocking any religion;
  • A cake in support of any of the terrorists groups we see today ranging from the IRA to Boko Haram to Hamas!

Lastly I tried to avoid bringing up politicians but I really do HATE Woodrow Wilson. There is not a chance in hell I would do anything connected to this evil POS.

Also While many American’s today have fond feelings of him I would also refuse to do anything connected to FDR – There is nothing he could do in my eyes to overcome Internment Camps! Who did I forget?

4 thoughts on “ITS OFFICIAL!!! I am a Hater and I Have Proof :-)

  1. Although the historical element is mentioned you left out all the current ones. That list is long. Come to think of it we could never list them all. This is mind-boggling! Satan has to be the original.

    • Yes I did leave off Satan and he should have been first. I honestly did not spend a long time thinking the list. Just the first few that came to mind.

      Curious who are the current ones I left off?

  2. You forgot a cake for Obama when he demands you put a picture of him on the icing with a crown on his head and the words “The Annointed One”.

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