Ireland + Gay Marriage = More Hate

Ireland is currently in the middle of the STUPID battle that is called Gay Marriage. I find one thing very ironic… The folks who support it speak about equality and love etc… yet when you see some of their posts, their attitude towards those who disagree with them is nothing short of shocking.

Sometimes I think politicians are winning because they are dividing us up and making us hate and now we only see a set of opinions and not a human! I am a Christian who sometimes practices in a Catholic Church… I hear stuff like Jesus is a socialist, pro abortion, pro gay marriage, Israel is evil and other arguments I strongly disagree with (Sadly this also comes from the Pulpit).

No matter how “stupid” some of the arguments are, I try see someone as a person and be respectful, no see a set of political believes. This battle at its very core is divide and conquer and de-humanise the individual…. When people follow this route, it is our job to fight better, harder, stronger and with more love so we unite, and ensure we continue to see people as our brothers & sisters in Christ!

God Bless each of you and remember ‪#‎stand4love‬

P.S The reason I find this battle “stupid” is because I have yet to hear ONE argument on why government is involved in any marriage.