The Irish John Radio Show STARTS TONIGHT!!!!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some EXCITING NEWS with you!!! I am very blessed and excited to announce I will be starting my own radio show this Wednesday (07th January) on Red Nation Radio. The show will be an hour long from 5pm Eastern every Wednesday. You can listen live this evening and every Wednesday at 5PM Eastern or check out the podcast here.

I really hope you will consider listening to the show as I want to discuss the future of America and the solutions each of us can do to make America great again and the world a safer place.

This is my first radio show so Feedback is ALWAYS welcome. I will be on Twitter and the chat-room (on the site) during the show answering any questions and comments.

Thank you and God Bless.

Radio Link:

4 thoughts on “The Irish John Radio Show STARTS TONIGHT!!!!

    • Thanks Guy… I will always speak the truth on how I see things. Hope you enjoy the show. God Bless you

  1. Awesome. There is always the podcast if you miss the live version 🙂 Hope you can tune in. God Bless you.

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