Three Places To Find Non-Political Solutions to America’s Problems

The answers to America’s problems are simple but they are hard to implement when you are divided. Here are some of the answers we need to listen to:

Grandparents – We can learn a lot from them about past struggles including the Great Depression and WW2. We need to listen more and talk less. The trouble we have today are NOT NEW PROBLEMS! Learn from the past or we are doomed to repeat it.

Military – We can learn a lot from our vets on sacrifice, sticking to our mission and loving America. We can also learn that we all have different jobs but we know we as a unit are only as strong as our weakest part.

GOD – Lastly and most importantly (in my opinion) we can learn a lot from God about love, peave, forgiveness and real equality.

We must work like it depends on us, but pray like it depends on God. Together and other points which I look forward to sharing with you over time will will help save America – the greatest country in the world! God Bless you all.