My Sincere Apology & A Promise

There are many traits I admire in people and I try to follow each of them and become a better person. One of the most important is honesty. I truly believe nothing can beat the cold hard truth. Sometimes it can be great and make us feel on cloud nine, and sometimes it can hurt our feelings and make us feel dreadful. Whichever course I truly believe we are all better off when we are armed with the truth.

Before I can move forward with my work, I feel the need to apologize to everyone who reads my work and to my friends on social media. I feel eternally blessed how many great Americans have welcomed me, shown me nothing but love, given me support with kind words and most importantly prayers over the last several years. Please know I feel the exact same way towards you.

Today we live in a world where there is very little accountability and plenty of excuses. 2014 has been a very tough year for me personally as I know it has been for many Americans. This year I have let obstacles get in the way and have not written as many articles and not been engaged on social media as much as I should have and for that I sincerely apologize. I feel like I have let my America friends and family down and I know I have failed in my duty to serve God. To some this might seem like a silly statement but I firmly believe Colossians 3:23-24

“Whatever your work is, put your heart into it as if it were for the Lord and not for men,

knowing that the Lord will repay you by making you his heirs because it is Christ the Lord that you are serving.”

God knows the truth and the simple truth is in 2014 my heart was not in the right fight and I got distracted.

I also felt a new emotion in 2014, one I had never felt towards America before and I know many of you do feel now and have felt in the past – helplessness. 2014 could have been a great year politically for America because you had the opportunity to elect fresh blood into DC with the likes of Matt Bevin, Milton Wolf, Chris McDaniels, JD Winteregg and Greg Brannon. Instead America is stuck with the same crowd of Boehner, McCarthy, McConnell, Coryrn and Graham and the same wheeling and dealing business as usual crap from those who believe DC is the answer to America’s problems.

Several days ago it was the 50th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Famous Time for Choosing speech and one thing that always strikes me about his speech is the fact America is still dealing with the same problems today, as you were 50 years ago. Today many in both parties believe in the power of government and always look to it as a solution, but honestly what has government really solved?

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I personally admit I have repeated a lot of actions over the years but I have now woken up and I am going to be changing my tactics and message while keeping the principles the exact same. I look forward to sharing some of these ideas and thoughts with you over the coming weeks and months.Last night was a great night for the GOP but I believe it is crucial for Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians to change their tactics and remember the past. The Republicans last controlled the Senate and the House between 2000 and 2006 and what did they accomplish and what freedoms were returned to the people?

I believe now is the time America and places around the world start a freedom revolution and demand that we and future generations live freer than ever before. I truly believe the future of America can go either way – it will be either liberty or tyranny. Of course this fight will involve DC, but this battle cannot be won there. Now is the time we win the hearts and mind of the people.

Mark Levin points out often that so many in America have never had the opportunity to vote for a Conservative President. I would like to take that one step further – how many Americans today have been able to vote (in any election) for someone who truly believed in the greatness of America and your founding principles?

Please make no mistake, this will be an extremely hard fight and will test every fibre of our being but America when you need inspiration, all you have to do is look to your history. You changed the course of history at the time of your founding, so why is it so hard to believe that you can do it again? I believe in the great American people and I believe you will do it again, once you remember what made you in the first place.

I want to close by making you a promise. I promise I am going to be more active and work harder than ever before for the future of America. I need to serve the cause of Freedom because America deserves it and because God DEMANDS IT. I really appreciate any support I can get along the way and appreciate anyone who points out where they think I am wrong.

Lastly please remember the words from the great Thomas Paine, “We have it in our power to change the world”. God Bless each of you.

10 thoughts on “My Sincere Apology & A Promise

  1. What? You’re not perfect? 😉 “What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.” I started following you, this year, on FB. I’ve read about some of your struggles. Life happens. I’m looking forward to reading the evidence of your new resolve.

    • I guess the secret is out of the bag now Judy…. 😉 Hope you enjoy future columns. Have a lot of them planned 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  2. Thk u for including me amongst ur friends. My hope for this country is that we pray for our leaders but we put our trust n God. Christians r obligated to put legs on their prayers by helping our elected officials. We must hold them accountable for their actions while n office. God bless u & urs. Ur efforts r greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you Jan. Yes we need to pray but we also need to do more. I will be focusing on things we can do going forward as I don’t believe the answers will come from DC. We need to work like it depends on us, but pray like to depends on God. God Bless you 🙂

  3. Jonathon, my brother, it is refreshing to hear from you. As a voice for liberty and for the Source of liberty, you’ve been perceptive and pointed in your views. In a culture where we prefer surfaces rather than depths, symbols rather than substance, the man who perseveres when solace seems distant is the man with a message to be heard. God bless you for your voice. I look forward to hearing it with more frequency!

    • Thanks for the kind word Budley – I really appreciate them. Hope you enjoy future thoughts – the time to act is now. God Bless you 🙂

  4. I’m there with you. I have all these plans and ideas of how my day will go then boom life gets in the way. Hardly any of the things I wanted to accomplish get done. It’s okay to be human. Remember we are all Works In Progress. I also know that whenever those who have God in their heart as well as a desire to do a good and positive things are often the ones who have the Evil one come and visit them. Look at Jesus and the temptation. We just have to power through and do our best to get through each obstacle. Humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for help along the way.

    I look forward to seeing what you have planned. In the meantime, have a blessed one.

    • Thanks Lynn. I am not perfect – no where near it and never will be. I just continue to try my best. I don’t have all the answers but I hope to put forward some small ideas that people alot smarter than me can add to and make America better. Have a blessed weekend. God Bless

  5. Thank you for adding me as your friend Sir.. Sometimes connecting to other people make as more confident to face trials of life,,that’s great of yours sharing your thoughts and opinions to others. Make God a center of your life so that can do anything in Gods grace…God blessed you…

  6. I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website. I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my very own blog now 😉

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