A Short Jack Nicklaus Story with an Important Question for Every American

Last weekend Rory McIlroy won the U.S. PGA Golf Championship and became only the fourth golfer to have won four majors at 25 or younger. He joined Bobby Jones, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus and if he continues winning majors will be in the conversation for best golfer of all time. Today I wanted to share a very short Jack Nicklaus story with you and then link it to a question every American should ask themselves.

Sports fans always love to debate who is the best ever in every sport and always know the stats that back up their claim. Golf is no different and you cannot have a discussion on who is the best golfer to ever play without the name Jack Nicklaus. Most people know his record which still stands today of 18 major wins. However there are other stats that sometimes fail to get the recognition they deserve – his nineteen runner up finishes and fifty-six finishes in the top five, both which are records held to this day. Jack loved to play golf but it’s clear he was at his best when the pressure was intense, the bright lights were on, and it was his time to shine. But how did he deal with it so successfully?

I will never forget watching a tribute show on TV where players were being interviewed about all of Jack accomplishments and so many spoke about how hard it was to win one major, let alone 18 and they were amazed at his success and career. However as always, there is another side to the story.

Tony Jacklin remembered a conversation he had with Jack about majors and how Jack felt majors were sometimes easier to win than regular tournaments. Was this confidence or a very positive and confident attitude of self-belief or was there a reason and method behind this thinking? The thinking was not only simple but ingenious.

During a regular season there are over thirty regular season tournaments with the four majors. Jack believed the difference between a regular tour event and a major was who honestly believed they could win that week. During a tour event with one hundred and fifty people in the field, the vast majority if not all feel they can that week. However a major has a lot of added pressure because it has greater significance, usually played on harder courses with more demanding conditions and always has the most competitive field of players. So how many of the golfers really believed they could win a major?

Simply put, Jack felt it was easier to win majors because the amount of people who believed they could win that week was heavily reduced. This story got me thinking about America today and the future of your country.

  • How many conservatives believe they can win the big election?
  • How many Americans truly believe in their hearts they can make a difference in life?
  • How many truly believe America’s best days are still to come?

America I have news for you. You have so many issues facing you today that you are no longer playing the regular tour where anyone can win. America you are now playing the Majors, the pressure is extreme, the spotlight is on and the whole world is watching because how you respond will define how the rest of the world responds. We are all waiting to see what you really believe in your heart and how you are going to fix the mess you are in.

The whole world is watching because America really is the last great hope for man on Earth. Can you really imagine the world without the American people? Can you really imagine a world without the American people who believe in God – given inalienable rights and that we are all created equal? Can you imagine a world with America being a beacon of light and hope for the world? I can only speak for myself but I don’t want to live in a world without America because it would turn to the darkness of Utopian statism that so many of our ancestors fought and died to stop.

I cannot tell you what the future holds for your great nation. However I can tell you what I believe in the deepest place in my heart. I believe there is only one answer to tyranny. That answer is not by offering less tyranny than those currently in government or being more benevolent than others, the only answer is by offering real freedom, real liberty, where individualism is critical and where everyone regardless of age, race, sex, religion, education or sexual orientation can achieve their dream. However this cannot be achieved by a politician or by a party – this can only be achieved on the battleground of ideas.

How America responds right now will determine a lot for the future of the world. America will either return to its roots and become a beacon of light and hope for the world and more individuals will feel empowerment to chase their dreams, or America will continue down this Utopian statist road to Marxism and Communism and the world will be in chains. What do you believe and which do you choose?

* Originally published on The Blaze

6 thoughts on “A Short Jack Nicklaus Story with an Important Question for Every American

  1. Great article as always! You never cease to amaze me with your gift of writing. When you make it to the US & should happen to find yourself in the Daytona Beach area, look me up. I’ll buy the beers my friend!

    • Thank you Jason. I really appreciate your very kind words. I don’t know if I ever get to the U.S but I would love to visit Daytona Beach and have a beer. God Bless 🙂

  2. Hey Brother !! yet again you got it right !! It is sad that you are more “pro American” than the average native born american citizen is. Seems they have taken what we all have here for granted for far too long !! Thank You,Thank You,Thank You !!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Steve. There honestly no need to thank me – I am only doing whats expected of me. I am so fortunate that I have woken up and realized the greatness of America and why your country is so special. It is now my “job” to share my love even it means I only reach one person in my lifetime 🙂 God Bless man

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