Why America is Important

Hi, my name is John and I am the newest columnist to Patriot Update. I was born in Ireland but I have loved America since I was a child. Sadly I am still living in Ireland but I hope and pray every day to follow in my extended families footsteps and follow my dreams and move to the greatest country in the world. I have been waiting for a Visa in the Green Card Lottery programme for over nine years. However whilst I wait, I am extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to write about the problems America is currently facing and hopefully be a small part of the solution.

The mainstream media won’t tell you this, but the world is at war and this war is more silent and deadly than arguably any war this planet has ever witnessed. This war is something totally different from others but has one trait similar to previous wars – the aggressors want CONTROL. But this time instead of control of land, technology or natural resources, this war is for control over YOU. This war won’t be fought on land, sea, air or even in space – this war will be fought in the hearts and minds of the individual. This war will depend greatly on your answer to two questions:

• Do you believe you are a free individual who has God given inalienable rights and have a right to self-determination?
• Would you rather die standing or live on your knees?

And so again the world looks to America for answers but this time also looks for America to overcome this challenge at home and return to being that beacon of light and hope, and set an example for the rest of the world. Regardless of your location in this world, everywhere from America to China, from South Africa to Iceland and even in places like Ireland there is a continued effort underway to dehumanize the individual, strip them of their rights, instead concentrating on the needs of the masses, thus placing the power into the hands of a few.

These few “masterminds” now control every aspect of your daily life controlling what you eat, what type of house you live in, the car you drive, even down to the toilet you use. Simply put, you are no longer a free individual because there is not one aspect of any person’s life in this whole world that some “mastermind” has not thought they could do better and proceeds to issue legislation and / or regulation and all under the guise of “fairness”. Now I am sure some people will read that paragraph and disagree saying I am a free person and I can do what I want. REALLY????? You may think you are free but the truth is you are only free to make choices the government allows you to make. For example, if I bring you into a candy store where they sell hundreds of different candy bars and I say to you, you are free to choose any candy bar you want, however it must be between a Mars, Snickers and a Kit-kat… Is that freedom?

The decisions you make as an individual are purely the small insignificant ones and I am sure the “masterminds” think you should be thankful for those freedoms because they believe rights come from government. All around the world, governments control their citizens – everything from China’s one child rule to the Nordic countries placing a cap on earnings. But these attacks are now common place in America. Everyday a new story emerges of government attacking freedom. Last weekend, at a rodeo in Missouri, a clown dared to wear a President Obama mask. He has since been banned for life from the rodeo and every politician (including Republicans) came out saying it was a disgraceful act.

  • • Since when do Americans elect politicians to apologize or demonize the people they serve?
  • • Since when did politicians become the moral arbitrators for society?
  • • Since when did you need approval from a politician about humor?
  • • Since when did it become disgraceful to mock a president or politician?

After all mocking politicians and Presidents has made people A LOT of money.

  • Did you ever hear an objection when Chevy Chase became famous for mocking Gerald Ford? NOPE.
  • Ever hear a complaint when Will Ferrell was mocking George W Bush? NOPE.
  • Ever hear a complaint when Tina Fay mocked Sarah Palin unmercifully? NOPE NOPE & NOPE!!!!

But lastly this sums up America perfectly today – An individual is protected by SCOTUS to burn the American flag but wearing a mask of Barack Obama is a disgrace… Is that the backbone of a successful country? I am not going to lie to you. America and the world are in a lot of trouble, and it will take a long time to fix, but IT CAN be fixed. Despite all the doom and gloom, the solution to this war is what made America great at your Founding and what will make it great again!. That solution is a return to constitutional republican government.

Some of the great words your Founding Fathers gave America have become cliché and empty, when they should be used as a road map. New life needs to breathe in – all men are created equal; life liberty and the pursuit of happiness: the American Dream and unalienable rights. These words drastically changed the dynamic of the world at America’s independence and with new life they can change it again. Ronald Reagan once said, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny, we will preserve for our children this the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness” If America and the World are to win this war, then we need this generation to be a liberty and freedom generation. And if you need inspiration, just remember words the founding fathers used: “Resistance to Tyranny, is obedience to God”.