The Zimmerman Trial Means…. NOTHING

The Trial of George Zimmerman IS NOT IMPORTANT! It should only matter to family and friends of both Zimmerman and Martin, and this case SHOULD have very little importance to how America operates. However while the case is un-important, it has highlighted some very important issues:


Firstly, why was the media so involved in covering this case every hour of every day? Why was this murder so special? Depending on your source there are around 12,000 murders in America every year. – What made this one so special? Will the media cover the trials of the terrorists who murdered innocent Americans in Boston and the terrorist who committed mass murder in Fort Hood? Will the media mention Islam when talking about the terrorists as many times as they mention race when talking about Trayvon Martin? Also America has so many problems right now – Is this murder case more important than ANY of the following:

• Immigration Reform
• Student loan program
• Economy
• Near $17 TRILLION Debt
• 7.5% Unemployment Rate
• $3.25 + Gallon of gas
• Looming Debt Ceiling debate
• Social Security
• Obamacare
• Total Unfunded Liabilities of $124 Trillion
• Any of the scandals still engulfing Washington all the way back to Fast & Furious?

Is the media covering and analysing this case because people wanted to know or were they purely covering it to give Liberals and Barack Obama a break from the news cycle? Or was there another reason?


The Zimmerman trial again highlights how weak the Republicans are and should be remembered as another wasted opportunity. There is a rotten decay in this Republican Party which not only does not know who or what they represent; or the true power and opportunity freedom and liberty presents. They also proved they cannot handle any form of class warfare and constantly play defense. Defense might win championships in NFL, but it gets you killed in politics – ONLY WAY TO WIN is offense. The Zimmerman case provided two great opportunities:

Firstly was the gun debate – when will the Republicans learn that liberals NEVER give up. Just because gun control failed in the Senate earlier this year, it does not mean the issue is over. This issue will never be over until the Democrats feel they have won. This case provided the opportunity to have a national debate on the “Stand your Ground” law. This law has a similar message to so many other laws Democrats want and should have been used as a contrast between the two parties – are you self-sufficient and able to look after yourself and call for help if in need or should you roll up, play the victim, wait for someone to help you and always rely on the government.

Secondly and more frustrating was Republicans were given a golden opportunity to prove that Liberal Democrats and liberal media really are the most vile and racist people when they need to be. On one hand the media are calling for immigration reform for Latinos and calling Republicans the “old white party” or “party of old white men” and call them racist if they don’t support the legislation. On the other hand they are coining terms like “white Hispanic”….. This is disgraceful and just another example of Liberals proving that they are NOT the party of minorities, nor are they the party of the “little guy” or the “working man”.

In fact what is the difference between a Liberal statist and a suicide bomber? Both need to be defeated in this war, but a suicide bomber usually voluntarily makes a sacrifice, the statist will sacrifice you or anyone else for the greater good, with or without your consent.

Last week I wrote about the war we are currently engulfed in and the simple truth is, the statist will sacrifice anybody or anything because they have bought 100% into the agenda that the advancement of the state is the most important aspect of their lives and that is where the opportunity lies.


Barack Obama has a history of hatred and division and once again it is now clear he is going to use the George Zimmerman trial to advance his agenda. While some praised his press release there were two glaring omissions. Firstly there was no endorsement of the justice system. Also because this was a press release and not a press conference, you have to question why the “but” was placed in the sentence “But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken” – there is a reason that “but” is in there. It could be semantics, but usually every word in a press release is there for a reason. The second glaring omission was the President himself not calling for calm. He could have called for it directly or joined with the parents in calling for it, but he did not. If you think this is simply nit-picking, please bear this in mind. Right now riots are taking place in Northern Ireland and everyone is calling for calm… including VP Joe Biden. However, whilst this is all very revealing, I worry for America and what Barack Obama has planned. What does he mean in the press release when talking about “widen the circle of compassion and understanding” and the definition of “our communities” and “honoring Trayvon”?

We all know that means more class warfare is coming. If Americans are not going to lose any more liberties, someone will have to rise up and say STOP! The question is will the republicans do it? Or will the people acknowledge this situation and rise up and do it themselves?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe