The Role of the Conservative Media and “We the People”

A speech is like a written article – the best ones are always extremely powerful, moving and motivational. The same can be said for the sermons given by priests, except the best ones not only have a religious meaning, but can be applied to your everyday personal life.

On Sunday, our priest told a lovely story in his sermon and I would like to share part of it with you and its meaning. It was about a child who loved listening to and playing the piano and as a birthday present, his mother brought him to a piano concert. As they were approached their seats, the mother saw someone she knew and started talking. The lights dimmed and they went to take their seats but her child was missing. After she got over the initial shock, she quickly saw him – he had walked onto the stage, sat at the grand piano and started playing twinkle, twinkle little star. How embarrassing??? Instead of making a huge fuss, one of the professional pianists sat down beside him, told him to continue playing and he joined in with him, whilst adding his own touch and together they made the most beautiful music for the audience.

The point my Priest made was making that we are all the kid in this story. We live our lives with our own talents and pleasures, but we are better when we continue, when we don’t stop or ignore God, and that if we listen and work with God we can make the world a better place, but we cannot do it alone. There was also another special point – no matter how small or insignificant your role, with help it can be turned into something special. Would anybody think a boy playing twinkle, twinkle little star on the piano was special? Doubtful, but with the help of that professional, he played a role in making that concert a memorable and entertaining one for the crowd.

So how does this affect the conservative media and the fight America currently faces? I believe the conservative media is the small boy in this story, they play the song, but they need the professional, the most important part, to make a masterpiece. The important part in this instance is a concerned and engaged citizenry who are willing to fight for liberty, freedom and the individual. If a conservative media outlets reports a story, but no one reads it, does it actual report anything?

You can continue to live your own life and fulfil your own pleasures (where possible), but the world is a better place when you are engaged in its affairs. It’s easy not to care about Benghazi, easy to ignore when the DOJ is wiretapping the AP, or think I am not part of a conservative not for profit group so the IRS targeting does not affect me personally. BUT IT DOES. After all when they are finished with them, are you sure you are not next for targeting???

There are many great sayings from America, but for me one of the most important is, “Of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE. The people and the individual are the most important entity in America and they need to be involved. It is the job of the conservative media outlets to report the news, but also the jobs of sites like not only to share this news, but break it down and give opinions on it and identify possible solutions for the future. It is the job of the citizenry to engage in the stories, understand what’s going on (where possible) and discuss it with your friends, family and (where possible) co –workers and to get involved.

However, the most important part of that story is no contribution is ever too small. Some will have more time than others, some will have more commitments than others, and some will have different talents. This fight is not a competition among us and keeping count of who contributes what. This fight is about a TEAM – together everyone achieves more. It is about America. It is about the greatest country on this earth. It is about freedom. It is about life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. It is about what type of country you want to hand over to your kids and grand kids. Together and not individually, we can make great music, and take America back.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

One thought on “The Role of the Conservative Media and “We the People”

  1. My belief is that you are a good person. I believe that you would still be a good person even if you didn’t believe in God. In my mind, god is merely an attribute we ascribe to our selves. If someone thinks slavery is okay they may use certain passages of the Bible to justify their beliefs. It’s real simple, you think God is good because you are good. You can find as many examples of how God is different than you in the Bible if you went looking for it.

    I don’t mind. You are a good person. So your belief in God does not bother me in the least. I encourage it. I encourage you, please…continue to argue for justice and righteousness and equality in your god’s name and give Him all the glory if it suits you.

    Just understand that your god is a reflection of you…not the other way around.

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