The Perfect Storm for World War III?

The clouds of World War are again forming, but I believe this world war will be different and fought on many fronts and for many different reasons. This World War will come in 3 main formats, The Visible, Invisible and Simple Economics and they are all inter-connected.

The Visible – The first stage of this war is the visible part of the war and it is imminent. Unless Congress finds its voice and is suddenly able to stand up to race and class warfare, which President Obama and his supporters are experts at, America will launch some form of attack against Syria. These actions have consequences and they need to be understood. Firstly Syria is a unique conflict because there is no one party to root for. The “good guys” in Syria are Al-Qaeda. Secondly China and Russia have been extremely vocal in telling America to stay out of Syria meaning there will be no quick conflict. Action in Syria will lead either to further action against China and Russia or it will become a huge humanitarian mission – if you feel you have to do something because Assad used chemical weapons on innocent people, what do you think will happen if America bombs several key targets and they cause casualties, along with violence from a civil war… Do you think America will be able to just up and leave? If you want proof of how hard this is, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Invisible – While the world focuses on Syria, we need to examine who benefits and who can increase their power. Firstly, look at America, where it is possible President Obama could use Syria as a national emergency to avoid discussions on the debt ceiling, immigration reform and Obamacare. Secondly you look at countries like Iran (Nuclear bomb), China (getting aggressive over Islands and land), North Korea (chance of invading the South, nuclear missiles) gaining influence and power while the world focuses on Syria. However I believe the biggest threat will be in Egypt and this will form the second part of this World War.
While the world focuses on Syria everyone has forgotten or ignored Egypt. How much do you know about Egypt?

  • Have you heard about the 100+ churches that have been burnt down?
  • Have you heard about the nuns that have been raped?
  • Have you heard about young girls being raped so they convert to Islam?
  • Have you heard crucifixes are being replaced in schools by the Black flag?
  • Have you heard they are killing innocent people in the street including a young girl on her way home from bibles studies who was carrying a bible?

There is so much more to Egypt but very few are reporting on it. Even the Catholic Church and charities are saying and doing nothing. The whole world is focusing on Syria. So why do I feel Egypt is critical in this World War? Egypt not only has the largest population of the Middle East (at 84.5 Million) but also the largest amount of Christians (8.9 Million). If Muslims continue to persecute Christians in Egypt, it will drastically change the Middle East. In 2011 the population of the Middle East (excluding Egypt and Israel) was around 207 million people with around 7 million Christians which is under 3% of the population.

So if Egypt turns 100% Muslim and the Christians continued to be killed, what happens to the Middle East? Islam will continue to spread in the remaining Middle East countries and Christians will be driven further into the darkness. If that happens, what is the next target? ISRAEL. If the world says nothing about Egypt, it will surely celebrate the fall of Israel. Do you think Muslims would stop there or would they want more? The next target would then be Europe where the groundwork has already been laid….. Some might think this would take time, but look at how quickly Egypt has changed since 2009.

Simple Economics – So who would stand up and fight? The answer USED to be America and its great people. However America is different today. The plain and simple fact is America is a volcano waiting to explode and destroy everything in her path. America will explode because of her debt (nearly 17 trillion), yearly deficits of a trillion, huge unfunded liabilities and the decreasing value of the dollar. However one thing is not said enough. A lot of economics is based on future projections and not current situation. So what does America look like in the future?

WORSE. There is very little effort being made in closing the deficit. Very few will fight to repeal Obamacare, Immigration reform is still on the agenda, and prospects of new wars. Right now America is NOT on the path to redemption and it does not look like America will be able to stop this World War and be that beacon of light and hope for the rest of the world.

GOOD NEWS: This might sound extremely bleak. However while it may be bleak, it is not hopeless nor a lost cause. However action is needed and needed urgently. This course can be stopped and the good guys can win. However to “win” the American people need to realize the great power they still possess and change the path America and the World is on right now. So what are the steps:

  • Stop the war in Syria
  • Support the Coptic Christians in Egypt and highlight their situation to the world and get your Church to pray for them.
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Stop Immigration Reform
  • Sign Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Stop QE programmes and work to reduce inflation.

None of these are easy and will take time, but it must be done. The time is now to work even harder in fighting this fight, thinking of new ideas and new ways to communicate our great message. America drastically changed the world once, it can do so again. Abraham Lincoln once said,

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

* Originally published at Patriot Update