Sometimes the Results of Freedom Really Suck…

On her Facebook page, Julie Borowski recently posted,
Judging from previous discussions, I would say most people on this page are pro-drug legalization and pro-life. They believe people should be able to put whatever they want into their own bodies, no matter how dangerous. They also believe that pregnancy involves at least two bodies– the mother and the baby. So, here goes: should a pregnant women be allowed to use cocaine? Or is she violating someone else’s rights (non-aggression principle)?

Sometimes the results of freedom really suck….. I get why people would say yes, but where do you stop??? For example last year in Ireland there was a debate – a study found kids that were breast fed were more healthy and had less chance of becoming obese and the debate was on if the government should pass a bill demanding every mother breast feed her kid. This is a problem for society to deal with and we need to make better parents so they can teach their kids right from wrong. Also while some might not like to hear this, churches have a huge role here and they need to step up and do a better job engaging with the community.

Being a follower of Christ involves A LOT more than going to Church every Sunday.

* Originally published at GenFringe