Sometimes The Free Market Sucks

The world we live in today is really tough. It is made tougher when people have success when you feel people don’t deserve it. Today news broke that the shares in Facebook soared 30%. The free market side of my brain says that’s a great result and will lead to dividends to shareholders, bonuses to staff and maybe more investment by Facebook in Research & Development – all things will not only help economic spending but might lead to more jobs.

However there is another part of my brain that questions the “fairness” of this result. Firstly the owner of Facebook is involved with a group called “Americans for a Conservative Direction” and involved with Marco Rubio pushing this dreadful immigration reform bill. It seems a new tactic of the left is to act liberal but to add the word Conservative and think the American people will be fooled. While there is nothing wrong with these actions, he has every right to get involved with any group, call it anything he wants and to work with any politician he wants.- He is a free person and has rights protected by the Constitution. However this is clearly a ploy by the left and one that needs to combated very powerfully and very quickly.

Secondly and more importantly, Facebook are currently limiting its member’s rights. If you are overly critical of President Obama or are too pro-gun, you run the risk of having the post deleted and your account being suspended for a period of time. Earlier this week, we saw the battle between Kirk Cameron and Facebook where they would not allow access to the trailer of his new movie (Don’t worry the good guys won). You either believe in the first amendment or you do not – there can be no middle ground.

While these actions make me sick, I have to be honest and admit I am part of the problem as I use Facebook for promoting my articles, sharing news, speaking with friends and family and also interacting with everyone on our fan page (soft plug: If you don’t like Young Patriots on Facebook, you don’t know what you are missing).

But this is why I love Conservatives and the free market. If I was a liberal lefty loon I might finish this “rant” by asking you to boycott Facebook or call for someone to be fired. I am NOT. I am asking someone who is reading this and who knows someone who can code, please please set up a new social media platform for everyone where the Constitution is vital and where everyone’s first amendment rights to free speech and free association are protected. I know when that happens I will gladly leave Facebook and support that organization 110 and will hope your shares soar 30% and more :-).

* Originally published at Gen Fringe