Republicans FINALLY Make a Stand

So the Republicans have decided to get mad over an issue and decided to take a stand….

• OBAMACARE – NO! Its law of the land…
• IRS – NO! Sure everyone was targeted
• Benghazi – NO! Just a phony scandal
• Wiretaps – HELL NO!!!! Have you not seen the news…. Terrorists Alert…

The RNC is mad at CNN and NBC about airing a Hillary documentary. REALLY????? Republicans are so mad at this they issued an ultimatum…. If they continue with this airing they won’t let them host a 2016 republican debate…. OMG such a tough choice….. This is not only petty but highlights how far the Republican Party has gone in the wrong direction… However it is also stupid….. After all don’t they know ONLY Obama can threaten the mainstream media. Do you really think this is a wise strategy? Do you really think the media will be fair or won’t want their pound of flesh come 2016? Or is this just another step of the Republicans becoming liberal lite and bullying the media is now ok?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe