Reaction: McCain Caught Playing iPhone Games During Syria Hearing

So John McCain was caught playing poker on his mobile phone during hearings on Syria. WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED? Firstly we need to separate John into two sections. Firstly I always have and always will salute him a vet and my heart will always go out to him for what he went thru. However the second part is John McCain as a man and as a politician and that guy is a disgrace. He is cut from the same cloth as Barack Obama in that in supports big government, see government as the answer to everything, is full of his own importance, and most importantly he views himself as a mastermind. Why should he listen to hearings on Syria, when he ALREADY KNOWS EVERYTHING. He already has his mind made up. It’s time to Strike!!!

As the old saying goes – A parachute and a mind have one very important thing in common – They both have to be open to work!

* Originally published at Gen Fringe