On Zimmerman’s Recent Arrest – Law is About WHAT YOU CAN PROVE

GenFringe posted news of Zimmerman’s most recent arrest and asked readers, “What were your thoughts when he got the ‘not guilty’ verdict. Have they changed in light of this recent arrest?”

Sadly, today we live in a world where what people “think” or “feel” are important especially when discussing the law. The rule of law always has been and hopefully always will be ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN PROVE. Whether you like him or not, the evidence proved in the last case he was not guilty. Also we need to notice there is a big difference between people when they talk about being not guilty and innocent. Lastly people need to be very careful when talking about this case because a lot might say, “I told you we should have sent him to jail last time, and he was always likely to have other problems.”

The rule of law does not reflect on what crimes you may commit in the future and be very careful what you wish for.

* Originally published at GenFringe