Obamacare MUST Be Repealed for America to Survive!

The American people have a lot of issues to face over the coming months with debates on budgets, debt ceiling, Obamacare, Immigration etc. Each person involved in each battle will tell the American people their issue is the most important. I believe the single biggest issue facing America today is Obamacare and if it is not the most important domestic issue facing America today, then I don’t know what is. This issue really is about life or death. I was born and raised and live under socialized medicine and I wanted to share the reality with you and why I believe this issue is so important. There is an old saying which is incredibly true “Your health is your wealth” because there is so little possible when you are not well. At one point or another, each one of us will need healthcare whether it is for something inconvenient like a broken arm or something life threatening like cancer. The last words you want to hear when it’s your turn to need healthcare is budget shortages, longer waiting times, union problems, lack of attention and definitely not something called a death panel.

I want to deal with the political side of this issue first. If you listen to the left’s narrative very closely you see they blame the Republicans on every issue even calling them obstructionist and anarchists. If you look at the issues looming there is every chance if you believe those same Democrats that, government could be shut down a lot. So what do they do? They double down on Obamacare which is another Government program which affects lives. If the Democrats believed their own message, logic would dictate that they would want the Government to offer less, so innocent people are less affected in their everyday lives… Because After all they are the compassionate left. Right? WRONG!!! While the left are very clever and brilliant at spinning these programs in compassion, the left has always been about one thing and one thing only, CONTROL. The left with the help of a complicit media seeks to dehumanise the individual by always offering to help the individual, provide safety nets, programs and general welfare while quietly getting the individual to forget about his privacy and individual rights with the aim of becoming part of the collective. So why is controlling healthcare so important?

Well if you can control who lives and who dies, you effectively control every aspect of every person’s life, you can control a population. It might start off with funding a project which funds abortion, or getting your doctor to ask how many partners you have slept with in the last year, but where does it stop? Think of all the information the Government would have access to with healthcare – everything from how many sexual partners you have had to anytime you just felt depressed to anything embarrassing like suffering from haemorrhoids. Secondly the level of care goes down as witnessed by every private sector company who has little or no competition. I have always been amazed at how Government bodies continue to rally and oppose monopolies in the private sector but are totally cool with them when it comes to Government. That’s right, I keep forgetting Government is our friend and we can trust people we have never met.

If you go to any country with socialized medicine, you will regularly see long waiting lines, horror stories of people waiting days to be diagnosed, hear about people getting sick on the weekend and needing surgery but had to wait till Monday to see a doctor. Then you will hear a line that goes something like this “Well, they had a good life”. It might start with no heart transplants over 80, no treatments to smokers, move to no cancer treatments for those over 60 but where does it stop. Mayor Bloomberg said recently that they should be able to kill fat people and we all know about his war on soda. Would you rule out a Government law that says no one over 20 stone can have treatment… (Of course it would be sold as a way to motivate people to lose weight and as if they were on the fat persons side) but REALLY???

Healthcare is just another example of progressives wanting control but also about doing the thing they are best at – taking money from one individual and spending it for them. After all government knows best. Ireland has “free” healthcare but the government over the years has found healthcare can become another income stream. Recently Ireland has brought in a charge for every line of medicine on their prescription, you can charge a fee for admission to A&E, you can charge a fee for every night you stay in a hospital, and I am sure everyone has heard about the dull bland $50 jelly. What’s sad about these charges is they usually start in economic tough times, when budgets are being cut and hence service drops even further. (Note: I am not arguing people should not pay for these services, simply they should be open to the free market and competition in place to reduce costs and offer better services). But it does not stop there. There was a report released in Ireland recently by an alcohol drink NGO who stated that alcohol related costs in hospital were €3.7 billion, but the government only received €2 billion from taxes in the drinks industry and called for tax increases on off-licenses. I know what you are thinking…. How compassionate, RIGHT?? I am sure similar groups are set up (or will be) for cigarettes and fast food etc. yet again the collective must suffer for the needs of the few. Progressives have shown for nearly a century now they will use every way possible to control your life.

Lastly, now is the time to stand with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul etc. and defund Obamacare because if you don’t do it now, you never will. The left will always argue and have a full array of excuses for failure, wrong department head, not funded properly, wrong strategy, and that this time it will always be better. IT WON’T. There is only one thing that will get the individual better healthcare and lower costs – LESS regulation, MORE competition and MORE choice. I beg you to please stand with these Senators, go to www.dontfundit.com and sign the petition because if this is implemented, it will be extremely hard for America to return to being the beacon of light, hope and freedom to the world.

* Originally published for Patriot Update