Man, The Moon, Glenn Beck = One Inspirational Message

On July 4th last year, Glenn Beck staged a production with his American Dream Labs in Utah called the Man in the Moon. I remember listening to his Radio shows during the summer and being intrigued by the idea of telling the World’s story from the Moon’s perspective. Since I live in Ireland, I could not attend the live show but having heard great reports about it and I waited in anticipation of possibly seeing the event for myself. Thankfully Glenn made it available for his subscribers on The Blaze last week for a limited time. It was well worth the wait and I enjoyed every minute of it so much that I watched it THREE times and found a different aspect each time. The Man in the Moon is only 74 minutes long, is suitable for all ages and if you look and listen closely enough, you will get many different viewing experiences. Glenn’s natural charisma makes this a joyful watch with your entire family and is great for kids to get a taste of history. However it also offers something for the individual viewer.

Firstly it offers a snapshot of how far man has evolved in such a short period of time and highlights why America is so special and how it changed the world. It also highlights how previous generations also faced challenges, and while it was not easy, THEY OVERCAME THEM!!! Lastly the final scene of the moon offers guidance and most importantly HOPE which is vital for everyone to hear. I wanted to share some thoughts with you about our past and our future.

WHO ARE WE??????
In one of the first scenes the moon is talking about how the universe was formed and about his role of protecting Earth, “Some in the universe give light, others just reflect it and Thou, I am not a source of light, I am here to share the Great Light that is shared with me”. This is relevant for so many aspects of our everyday lives and can be broken down into a religious and a political part. We are all put here on earth for a reason and by following God’s law and living the best life you can, you are a reflection of His light. Man is capable of ANYTHING they put their minds to and history proves this, but we must always remember we are not GODS. Whilst each one of us has our own unique talents and purpose in this World, we are no better than nor do we have any more rights than any other human being. America helped change the course of the Earth with this thinking when your Founding Fathers spoke about all men are created equal – words that had never been spoken about before. It is not the job of one or a select few to decide how we should all live and how the light should be shared; it is the job of the individual. However we must also realize that with rights come responsibilities and I believe we need to focus more on our responsibilities to our fellow man. When you break down the Bible, I would estimate about 90% boils down to two things, Jesus said “Love one another like I have loved you” and “Love your neighbor”. Even if you do not believe in God or the Bible surely these are two ideas we can all unite on. We are all given a great light and I believe it is our responsibility to share it with the World to try to make the World a much better place.

Our Future!!!!
Poverty comes in many forms. Today I truly believe we have one big poverty that few speak about – the poverty of HOPE. Today in America (and in the rest of the World) so many people believe that for the first time in history our kids will NOT be better off than we are and some also believe that this awesome idea called America is over and the battle is lost. THIS WAR IS NOT LOST!!!!! Look at America over the last 230+ years and everything you have achieved….. At the time of your founding you beat the military superpower of the day because nothing could not stop the believe in freedom. You overcame slavery and segregation, you created aeroplanes and even send man to the Moon. And in this last century you overcame pure evil in Nazism and Communism. However some amongst you, would lead you to believe that all of these obstacles are nothing compared to a totalitarian Utopian mind-set where government is your friend, will do everything for you and will only ever act in your best interest once you surrender your individualism, freedom, liberty and your God given rights….

The story of America has yet to be completed and the America people are at a crossroads. If you truly believe that this war is over and America’s destiny lies in following the rest of the world in the quest for Utopia, then that’s what will happen. However if you believe in the American people and the idea that is America – if you believe that all men are created equal with certain unalienable rights and if you believe with every part of your soul that individualism and freedom are God given rights for every man, then America’s best days lie ahead. So as the Man in the Moon said, “Bright dreams and powerful journey are about to dawn, but so are man’s oldest nightmares”. Yes America is at a crossroads and you have three choices – You can give up and succumb to the leviathan, hedge your bets and hope you can make a deal with your new King or dictator, or you can follow the example and sacrifice of previous generations and be part of the greatest comeback story ever told.

I know what road I would choose. However since I am not an American, or unlikely ever to become one I will simply try and remind each of you about the greatness of America and why I hope and pray you win or as quoted the last words in the Man in the Moon, “I will simply do what I was created for. I will stand in the light, so that in your darkest hour I can remind you that on the morrow, the sun shall return”.

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* Originally published at Patriot Update