Government Shutdown Reveals the True Progressive Nature

America is entering week 2 of a “crisis called a government shutdown where around 83% of the federal workforce is still working and the remaining 17% have been classed as non-essential personnel and told not to report to work. But have you missed them? Has the government shutdown affected your life in any meaningful way? I have yet to hear a story where the shutdown has negatively affected an individual or family. I am sure those waiting on a passport are a bit upset but hardly a major impact on your life.

No NASA – again this does not affect the average American and besides President Obama already uses Russia to send people up to the space centre, thus reducing their role so again hardly a huge concern to the average American. The most popular argument I have seen against the shutdown is the closing of the national parks and monuments…. Is that the best the people and the Democrats can complain about? With all the problems America faces today and going forward, I thinks it’s time the vast majority were privatized and let politicians discuss the REAL issues such as immigration, social security, Medicare, role of the fed and not to mention the $17 trillion national debt.

However I believe the America people are seeing through the lack of these services and with the emergence of actual Conservative leaders like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, the GOP have for the most part held strong and used the correct strategy in passing bills to fund parts of the government there is no dispute over such as the NIH and the VA which is putting great pressure on the democrats. However the Democrat party in DC today is not the same as the old traditional Democratic Party. This is a new party with a very different message – this is a party for the progressives, a party where they will do or say anything to get their way and will sacrifice anyone for what they consider the greater good and a party that believes they are the true God and decider of everything. So with the progressives actually losing the battle over the shutdown because no one noticed, added to the fact the vast majority of American people do not like or want Obamacare, what does a desperate President and desperate big government party do?

(Authors note: I always try and write clearly, factually and objectively. However for the rest of this column I am going to write on pure emotion and I hope you will understand why and won’t think any less of me.)

He decides to reach into his inner Chicago playbook and try to create un-necessary pain and to teach the people a lesson – a lesson to NEVER go against me because I know what’s best for you. These actions would be bad enough but he had to target the people he hates the most – the men and women of the military and specifically the World War 11 vets as he blocked their monument in DC. To put this into context, years ago liberals unleashed a huge attack on Paul Ryan saying he was pushing grandma off the cliff, but now they bully 80+ year old vets who not only saved America but the world. Obama and his liberal friends in Congress are not tough guys, nor are they leaders or statesmen. With actions like these they are nothing but PUNKS.

However Obama and his progressive pals did not stop there. They ordered entertainment like NFL games on the Armed Forces Network to be stopped and then they would not agree to pay death benefits to families. Worse still they insisted that the Army Chaplains could not offer Mass on Sunday and when they in turn responded by offering their service for free, they were told if you offer Mass even for free, they would be arrested. If this is not tyranny, what the hell is???? But why does it matter and why do the vets deserve so much respect? I am going to answer this firstly in a very personal way and secondly in a historic sense. I believe anyone who serves in the military is not only incredibly brave and honourable but they are also the true heroes as they risk life and limb for their country. Look at our everyday lives and think of the risks you take and then think of the risk they take. Any comparison??

I have two people in my family who served in the military – firstly my paternal grandfather, an Irishman who served with the British Army in WW1, India and other places and secondly my cousin who served in the US Marines around Vietnam time but who unfortunately died before he made it into action. Whilst I never had the honor of meeting either of these men, some of my most prized possessions belonged to them and hang on the wall above my desk. Firstly my framed grandfather’s Medals, secondly a frame I made for my cousin last Christmas with a US Navy flag, a small US flag, his photo and memorial card. In a world where I have very few possessions, I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to hang both these memorials either side of a Gadsden flag.

But that’s part of my personal story. The bigger part is their part in history and how much the WW2 vets changed the course of history. Can you imagine the world if America never got involved in WW2? We would all be speaking German, there would probably be no Jews, and we would all live with a lot more tyranny than we do today? They are called the Greatest Generation for a reason and some people don’t realize how close Germany was to winning several times.

A lot of people don’t realise how many times Churchill had to beg America to get involved. He not only begged them to get involved but highlighted the truth to them. I will never forget the warning Churchill gave America when he said “If you continue to do nothing, be prepared because we will fall and you will have ships on your coastline with the German Swastika”. Like today, there were many political games being played, strategies considered but when the US military got involved it was a game changer and they led the march for freedom. The American people along with ALL the people of Europe have a huge debt to pay not only to that generation, but to the vets who are still alive today.

I believe how America responds to this disgraceful act is critical to the future of your great nation. If the “average” American cannot get upset about this treatment of WW2 vets, what will they get upset over??? However I believe this could be the Archduke Ferdinand, could be the shot heard around the world and could be the shot that starts the process of changing America back to the land of the Free because issues like these prove Ronald Reagan was right, “There really is NO left or right, only an up or down”. Which do you choose and who are you loyal to?

* Originally published at Patriot Update

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