God and Obamacare

What would God say about Obamacare? This is a very important question these days. I find it very ironic the same people on the left who insult our Lord are the same ones who usually use the argument of what would Jesus do. The simple answer here is the same as it ALWAYS has been. Our Lord Jesus Christ would be against not only Obamacare, but every government program ever thought of. You will never find anything in the Bible stating God supported a government or even another individual deciding what is best for the world…. That job is left up to firstly the individual and most importantly God.

Lastly God would be against Obamacare for another reason…. Obamacare is murder, pure and simple and NO ONE can deny that…. Its time to fight back against the progressive left and the use of their language.

* Originally published for Gen Fringe