Fighting the RIGHT Way

The World is at war. Every day there is a new story where Americans are being dumbed down with political correctness, losing everyday freedom and liberties, and hate and evil are spreading. If America as we know and love is to survive, everyday Conservative Americans are going to have to rise up and say enough is enough, each and every time. The liberal mind-set needs to be confronted not left alone. However just saying stop is not sufficient. These issues have to be overcome with successful solutions, but also solutions that are correct in the bigger picture but also most importantly they must be constitutional.

The US Constitution is your guide to victory, and it is ALL or nothing. You cannot pick and choose which amendment you respect and obey. The strength of the Constitution comes from it being enforced and followed. You cannot pick and choose the amendments you follow and expect the Constitution to remain strong and intact. I want to highlight a very disturbing story and also point out why I feel the response is not only wrong but it also hurts the Conservative message.

Recently a Facebook Page was set up saying the “Virgin Mary should have had an abortion” and “Conservatives” are asking Facebook to shut the page down. I hope Facebook denies this request for many reasons:

• Firstly shutting down this page would be a clear violation of the first amendment. We may find what this page states disgraceful and sick, but we have to respect an individual’s unalienable right to have such opinion.
• Secondly it makes Conservatives look like they have double standards, they give out (and rightly so) when pages like Kirk Cameron’s new trailer are stopped and messages criticizing the President are deleted. Both are a violation of free speech and both should not be tolerated
• Lastly I believe deleting this page would only embolden pro-abortion people and the media and make a martyr of the page. Instead this should provide the true insight of pro-abortion people and be used to highlight and defeat their message. It would also provide an opportunity to assess a politician’s stance on the issue. If you don’t believe me ask yourself would Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton publicly state this message is disgraceful???

Messages like these need to defeated, but if Conservatism is to be successful long term, it must be done the right way – a Constitutional way!

* Originally published at Gen Fringe