Colin Powell = Just Another Economic Illiterate IDIOT!!!!

Politicians and their supporters who believe in the Progressive ideology are usually very careful not to get into specifics when discussing their policies and trying to define Utopia. However every so often they defend certain policies and provide a glimpse into their world. Last week former Secretary of State Colin Powell waded into the healthcare debate and made some comments that I wanted to address (all links are below article). (Note: I have nothing but respect for Mr. Powell’s military service to America, however I do not respect what he has added in DC.)

Free Market System
Firstly he said, “I have benefited from that kind of universal health care in my 55 years of public life, and I don’t see why we can’t do what Europe is doing”. Does Mr Powell or his supporters realize how stupid that statement is??? Right now I am writing this article on my IPAD – I love my IPAD and thankfully never had one problem with it. What would people think if I said I love Apple products and I don’t see why everyone does not just buy Apple? After all in the first quarter in 2013, nearly 40% of tablet sales where IPAD’S. Now imagine if someone in the government agreed with this statement and decided every other computer was inferior to Apple and that it was in the best interest of the whole country to buy Apple products? This is what happened to America’s healthcare system and these arguments dehumanise the individual because you know what’s best for you, no one else!

Let’s forget the free market idea, and look closely at the VA which Powell has benefitted from. The VA is currently having a lot of problems. In September there were over 751,000 claims pending with over 457,000 having a waiting time of over 125 days. This figure may seem high but it a huge improvement from earlier this year when 611,000 were waiting over 125 days. Is this the type of service you want to inflict on a nation, just because you had a pleasant experience? Thankfully Mr Powell overcame his battle with prostate cancer, but one question needs to be answered. Did he receive good treatment because it is the norm, because he got lucky, or because he is a four star general? If there is any chance the answer is the second or third option, then the VA is clearly not the route forward.

European Healthcare
So the European (SOCIALIST) model of health care is something America should follow. WRONG!!!! I could share so many stories about this model and why it fails every single day, but I will only share a few. I will start with an article in Ireland saying waiting lists have increased by 9,000 since 2012. 9,000 may not sound like a lot but Ireland only has a population of around 4 million people. The same result in America (with a population of 300+ million) would be an increase of around 720,000 which is a staggering amount. But that is only the waiting list to get into hospital. I am sure once you get into hospital, it is paradise, right? WRONG!!!! Firstly how about a story from England that 1,165 may have died in 4 years from starvation or how about a story of how up to 3,000 patients died needlessly in 2 years in UK hospitals (links below). These stories become common place with socialized medicine. Clearly the European healthcare model is NOT something to be followed. The simple truth is NO government can run any service better or more cost effective than the private sector. The answer to the healthcare problem is not a government monopoly, it is private sector innovation and competition.

Insurance Policy
While it is always important to break down analysis on Obamacare because it will KILL people, Powell made two comments that deserve a lot of attention. He shared a story about a friend who had to ask him for help to pay for an MRI because insurance did not cover it and he thought “why was it like this”? This is straight from the Progressive playbook – give very few facts and pull at the heart strings. So her insurance did not cover the MRI – Did Anne freely choose this insurance policy? Was it the only one available to her? Was it the only policy she could afford? Regardless of the correct answer here, why would anyone think the solution is government run healthcare? If she chose the policy freely, you are calling for a nanny state where people are not responsible for their actions. If the answer is option 2 or 3, I would suggest you research the Insurance industry and understand the regulations they have to abide by. The answer is more competition and not less.

However more shocking about this story is the removal of charity from society. To Powell it is better for the government to STEAL money and assets from people and help where they decide, rather than for people to volunteer and donate to a charity and play a part in making the world a better place. But what happens here if the government decides your cause is not worthy? Then you are in real trouble.

America is NOT Rich!!!
Powell concluded by saying, “We are a wealthy enough country with the capacity to make sure that every one of our fellow citizens has access to quality health care”. Anyone who says America is the richest country in the world is either lying or a progressive. Let me state this as clearly as possible – AMERICA IS THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!! America has the largest debt in the world of $17 Trillion and next on the list is Japan which has a debt of $9 Trillion. America is home to many very wealthy people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, but they are rich, NOT AMERICA.

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