Chris Christie = MORON

On Thursday Chris Christie gained some headlines by attacking Libertarianism and calling it a very dangerous thought. If those comments were not stupid enough, he made other comments that are more troubling to me and show how stupid this man really is. He actually praised the Foreign Policy Strategy of Barack Hussein Obama. REALLY? I honestly would love to ask him one question – Which part of his foreign policy do you like most? Because I know he would never answer that EASY question, let me provide some answers…

Well I think Obama has done a swell job in Iraq and Afghanistan…. WRONG. Iraq is a disaster and is breaking down (just cause MSM don’t report it, don’t mean it is not happening). Also despite the propaganda about ending wars, more troops have died in combat under him in Iraq and Afghanistan in 4 plus years than in 8 under George W Bush… NEXT.

Well he helped the Arab Spring (That term is still so disrespectful)…. Ah yes and look at the state of the Middle East right now. It’s just so successful I honestly don’t know where to start. Libya – Disaster. Syria – sending weapons to the Taliban (I think I have seen this part before…..). Iran closer to the bomb. Turkey (US NATO Ally) – ah yes they are blaming everything on the Jews. Israel – relationship at an all-time low with Washington and again looking extremely vulnerable. And lastly let us not forget the crown jewel – Egypt in crisis and after electing the Muslim Brotherhood their own people rose up and said enough. By the way Mr Christie, did you see all the signs in Tahir Square saying they support the American People, but the US Government sucks??? NEXT…

Well he has kept Asia in check… Firstly, do you not hear about the red Chinese being on the move, arguing with Japan over islands, meeting with North Korea, and getting ready for war… You don’t care that as part of an agreement, FBI does not monitor China as much as under prior administrations? And onto Korea. Civil war could break out there any day and what is Obama doing. Nothing and no one will cover it….

Ok… But he got Bin Laden… Did he? I could have sworn I saw it was Navy Seal Team Six that “got” Bin Laden… But look at how he has treated people that were key on that mission – mainly that hero Pakistani doctor who helped us, who is prison now and US are doing nothing about it….

Well America has been safe and not been attacked at home. What the hell was Fort Hood then? WORKPLACE VIOLENCE! No, it was a terrorist attack which again Obama has acted like the classless individual he is. Because of his classification of this tragic attack, the injured men and women who serve America are not entitled to full benefits and also the heroes who survived are not eligible for a Purple Heart.

Well at least things are still ok with Europe… right??? Obama is going to sign a historic free trade agreement with Europe right? That will help…. Maybe but that may or may not happen. And Europe is extremely annoyed (stronger language would be more accurate) about spying on them and France (who are under socialist rule) want to cut off discussions on that free trade agreement. Even a socialist in the Irish Parliament called him a war monger…

So once again I ask, what the hell has Obama done on Foreign Policy that cannot be described as a total disaster?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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  1. Dear Freedoms Disciple, we here in the WOOF cave have come to the firm conclusion that you rock, and this article is a marvelous indication of why and how! Now, we rarely promote ourselves shamelessly (except on Twitter) but we cannot help pointing out that we were early in discovering that Christie was a conservative embarrassment, which fact you can document for yourself at

    And while you are visiting us, should you accord us the honor, please note that we have also added your magnificent site to out auspicious and highly regarded (by us anyway) list of recommended links (“WOOF LINKS”) as a website of which WOOF heartily approves! Please don’t let this conspicuous honor overwhelm you, though–we need you in the fight!

    — Your new friends at Watchdogs of Our Freedom

    • Thank you so much for the feedback and for including my site on your WOOF links. I have bookmarked your site and will be back. Stay strong and never forget in the greatness of the American people. God Bless.

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