An Irishman’s American Dream

I’m a citizen of Ireland and have been attempting to get a green card for over 9 years. Once again, America faces the popular discussion of immigration – trying to find the best way forward for America and its 11 million illegals.

One of the greatest conservatives of modern time, Mark Levin, had two great guests on tonight’s show – Jeff Sessions arguing against the current ideas, and Marco Rubio, who is part of the group of eight who are trying to come up with legislation to deal with this problem.

Because this is an issue that affects me greatly, I had to call in and I was very lucky to be able to discuss a few points with the Great One – Mr. Levin, himself. I personally have a massive problem with granting an illegal worker a permanent visa because America has laws and those laws need to be respected. The biggest issue, to me, is the fact that 11 million people will skip the line in front of people like me who have waited 9 years to get a visa… and still waiting. To put that number in perspective, the American government awards 50,000 DV visas every year. I could wait a lifetime and still never get to achieve my dream, but someone who has broken the law gets to live the dream every day. While Rubio insists that we will all be on the same level, the law of possession will come into play. Does anyone really believe that the US government is going to deport someone illegal just so I can come into the country? That will never work.

The other issue I addressed on Levin’s show was the message conservatives need to communicate going forward. Republicans like John McCain keep saying Republicans need this reform to win another election. THEY ARE WRONG. Three little words will lead to a win: THE AMERICAN DREAM! When was the last time you heard this mentioned? The country where if you worked hard, you could become anything you wanted and could achieve anything. No one could stop you or get in the way. The answer to tyranny is not less tyranny – its Liberty and Freedom.

Reagan summed up my feelings about America perfectly in his “Time for Choosing” speech in 1964, where he told the story of a Cuban talking to two Americans, telling them everything he ran away from. The two Americans looked at each other and realized how lucky they were. But the Cuban insisted he was the lucky one because he had somewhere to run to….. For me, while I don’t face the same oppression or anything like it, I still long for the American Dream and I hope and pray every day that I will get the chance to achieve it.

*Hear Jonathon on The Mark Levin Show (Start at 56 minute mark)

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

2 thoughts on “An Irishman’s American Dream

  1. Jonathan,

    You have a great heart, you’re intelligent, you express yourself very cl;early and very well. I like you and hope you do get a green card soon. You need to live in America to be able to fully understand the people of this country today. This is a very fragmented country that has lost it’s identity. Most Americans, especially the young, have no idea what America even means, no idea what being an American is. We have fragmented into racial, class, gender, sexuaity, religion factions.
    Not a big fan of Levin; surprised you like the guy. Why ?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Steve. I really appreciate them. Yes America has issues with its identity but we can still fix it. We need to make history fun and inspire people to learn. Learning is easier than ever before. However we also must make a change within ourselves. We need to teach people HOW to think and not what to think.

    I am a huge fan of Mark because he has a wonderful brain and helped give me a huge education and love for your founding and your constitution. He is one of the few that speak about principles.

    God Bless you!

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