A Call To Be Offensive

THE WORLD IS AT WAR. No, I am not talking about the “War on Terror” or the “Arab Spring” or any other dispute on going right now. I am talking about the war no one is talking about, a war so deadly that it affects your daily lives. However it is run in a very silent way in the hope that by the time you realise what’s happened, it will be too late to do anything. So what is this war? Its name has many forms including liberalism, progressivism, statism, socialism and communism. These are all fatal because they seek not only to de-humanise the individual but also to place power into the hands of the few. I have a few examples (please don’t get caught up on the issues) I would like to share with you:

Example 1

My boss recently released a video discussing gay marriage and the ruling in the Supreme Court. This was her first video on this subject because as she put it “it’s a touchy subject and she hates offending people”. There is an old saying – there are two sides to every story. However today if you do not support gay marriage you are demonized and called every name possible. Can people no longer have different opinions? Why is it ok for gays or any other section of society to take a religious term, says it’s immoral and wrong, change it to suit themselves and then insist religious people follow their standards? But when those religious people fight back they are in the wrong? They are attacking a minority…

Example 2

On the 17th June I posted the following on my Facebook & Twitter pages “Thank God I am still in America. There are a few nice things about Ireland but when it comes to Obama and the democrats, Ireland truly is a disgrace. It would be a nightmare if I was there right now listening to Irish people talk about how great Obama and his family are…” I received a lot of messages from Irish people on Twitter and from friends and family saying how dare I be critical of Ireland and that I should be ashamed of myself. What makes them right to love him, but me wrong to dislike him? Where is this written? Also we are imperfect human beings, should we not point out when things are wrong? Can we not acknowledge both the right and wrong issues in daily life?

Example 3

Recently the St Louis Cardinals removed both a symbol of a cross and the number 6 that was etched into the pitcher’s mound because one person found it offensive and complained. REALLY? This is disturbing for two reasons. Firstly the cross, a small symbol etched into dirt – Are you really telling me you found that offensive? It was so small this guy never noticed it (It has been there all season) until now. So hardly in your face!!! Busch Stadium has a capacity of 43,975 and ONE found it offensive and it is gone. Minority Rule. Where is the line? It started a few years ago with religious symbols and in particular the season of Christmas to which we cannot now refer to as Happy Christmas but happy holidays, but now it seems any symbol in somebody’s eye resembles a religious symbol and it causes offense. How come it’s only against Christian values? How come there is great welcome worldwide to the news that Ramadan is going to be announced daily on both UK T.V. and the internet along with President Obama celebrating it conclusion, why are Christians not objecting to that? Do you really think these individuals will stop there in their persecution of Christians? It appears to be the Christian bashing era.

These are just a few examples of this disease, but I could have given many MANY more. So what should we do? Firstly you have to realize the people behind this are at WAR with us and will stop at nothing until everybody’s way of life is THEIR way – the way they see fit, it’s their way or the highway – Americans might be more familiar with the term “fundamental transformation”. Secondly you can fight back in your personal position and endeavour to shape society as you see fit and also call on people to act when you see B.S. Each and every one of us has a truly unique weapon and that is your ability to not only share stories like these but also to inspire others to get involved.

However in the last example you have the power of the purse – if you see an incident such as this and it disturbs you, you can act by writing to the organization involved and say you are no longer going to attend games or watch TV coverage until the cross and number 6 are reinstated in the mound. This is not a war facing one or two countries, IT IS A World War, however yet again (rightly or wrongly), the World NEEDS America to not only take the lead and force a blow in this war but to also show other countries the way. The only answer to this disease of Tyranny is liberty and freedom. Other countries could and can try but they don’t understand pure and true freedom along with inalienable rights, but the great American people not only know them, they have showed these qualities not only at your founding, but every day since and you need to do it again.

I truly hope you not only get involved in this war but convince others to, but I will leave you with the words of the Great Ronald Reagan If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe