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  1. Wade Gayle says:

    Timothy Ballard is a great and courageous human being. The only difference between him and Pastor Bill Wilson of Metro World Child is Pastor Bill has faced death at least 10 times and is much older, 69. His life story would be the best movie that was never made. Abandoned by his mother, he lived in a church closet for 5 years. He recently was shot in the back, but was saved by body armor when he was in Syria. He rescues children and sets up children’s ministries all over the world. He is trying to raise money to give gifts to 200,000 children now. He is spitting up blood because of his injuries, but he refuses to give up. He says he will go back to Syria when he recovers because his commitment is stronger than his emotions. Mr Dunne you have a voice, I don’t. People like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc. have bigger voices, but none of them get it. The root problem is spiritual, not political. We must dramatically effect the culture where we bring the church out of the pews. You can’t win a war when the army is in the pews. You can have all the great officers you want, but if you don’t have an army you’re not going to win. So do an interactive movie. One that will rip the hearts out of people. One that will wake the church up to fulfill its call in these last days. One that will compel them to get out of those pews and make a difference. The story of Bill Wilson is really the story of Balaam’s Ass. God uses something foolish (in the world’s eyes), to shame the wise. As you know Jesus came into Jerusalem on one of those Asses. There is a powerful story here for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. We can do what Pastor Bill did. We can be in every big and small town in America and around the world, but we need to give people a vision for what it can be. We can bring hope to the hopeless. and

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