Welcome to my website. My name is Jonathon Dunne, I am Irish and I had a life-long dream of becoming an American citizen. I am now waiting in line over twelve years. While I wait in the legal line I have seen America forget what made you exceptional, so I have started to speak out for the principles I believe in. I am a writer, public speaker and I have a podcast exclusive to the Blaze Radio Network.

I grew up and live in a heavily socialist country where there are no eternal God given rights, and the politicians will do everything in their power to get elected. I have many years volunteering experience working alongside the poor in Dublin and have witnessed first-hand that not all poverty is financial. Today we have a poverty that government cannot fix – that is a poverty of hope and opportunity, only God and the individual can restore these.

I admire several people and both George Washington and Ronald Reagan hold a very special place in my heart. I am very hopeful for the future of America, firstly because of your awesome track record as nearly every generation of American has overcome a major obstacle – everything from overcoming the greatest army of the day at your founding, slavery, Nazism, Communism, Great Depression and your people have explored everything from the swamp to the stars. Secondly while I believe America has major problems today, I still believe there is nothing wrong with America today than the American people cannot fix.

The battle in America today is whether or not America wants to remain exceptional and different from the rest of the world or whether you want to FOLLOW the rest of the world. Simply put it is Nature’s Law versus Man’s Law, Liberty versus Tyranny and Freedom versus Freebies. I want to do everything in my power to help your great nation because you are the last best hope for man on Earth and if you fail, the world as we know it will be over.

I have written articles for The Blaze, Eagle Rising, Young Patriots, Gen Fringe, Patriot Update, Western Journalism. I really hope you will enjoy this site. This is my first website and I would really appreciate any advise and feedback and I hope you will consider following me on Facebook or Twitter and sign up for my FREE newsletter.

I am available for interviews or any speaking engagements, if you want more information please email me JD@freedomsdisciple.com.

Thank you for any support you can give. God Bless each of you and God Bless America!

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  1. Jonathon – While you are not (yet) a citizen of the USA, you are spiritually more American than a majority (my calculation) of people within our borders. Keep at it, and God Bless!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Dave. Your words and your support is really appreciated. Stand strong and God Bless you 🙂

  2. Your writing made me cry. It is so rare to hear from a European who does not hate Americans. I am proud to be American. My family members left Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia for freedom. Since 1636 my family members have fought for freedom of religion, press, expression and the ability to take care of their family. We are Christians and staunchly patriotic. Each generation sends people to the military. We believe in freedom. We support freedom for all God’s children. God bless you!

    1. Don’t think I have ever made anyone cry before… Sadly Europe never really understood real freedom (in fact the majority of the world does not)… That’s why America is so special, you are unique, you are the real revolutionaries. While America does have a lot of problems, the fact remains the same… What made you great 200+ years ago, will make you great again if you want it to… It ain’t getting a Conservative in the White House, it ain’t electing a party, it ain’t a court case…. It is the first three words of your Constitution… That was, is and always will be the solution to America’s problems. The only question is if people still believe that. I hope you do….

      Now is the time to make and inspire real change 🙂 God bless you Patricia and stand strong.

      1. Can I just say that every time I hear you speak of your love for America and the fact that this country won’t give you citizenship…I get so mad and sad. You are the kind of person we desperately need. Thank you for holding to your beliefs. Also, if you are ever looking for a wife I would gladly hook you up with my best friend. That way not only would she have a husband as awesome as your are, but I could hang out with you!

        1. Thank you so much Doniate. I really appreciate your very kind words. I will continue to serve and speak out for liberty. Also while I am open to love, I would never marry anyone for a visa as it goes against my faith but also not fair to the lady in question. Marriage should be for love and nothing else. God Bless you. JD

  3. John,
    I heard you on Glenn Beck this morning and your words touchIhed me. I can think of so many American citizens I would, if I had the power, trade to your utopia, to have you here. By seeing Glenn’s face when you were speaking, I believe you touched him also. Good things are coming your way! I will pray for you to make it here soon.

    1. Hi Stacey, Thank you so much for your touching words. I really appreciate them. I would never want to be part of that trade, but I have to admit I would love to talk to each of those Americans personally and speak to them about the greatness of your nation and why America is different from the rest of the world.

      My future is in God’s hands and it would be awesome if Glenn could help me out, but only God knows where my future belongs. I do hope I get there soon so I can serve and link arms with awesome patriots like you.

      Stand strong and God Bless you always. Irish John

      1. heard you on glenn beck what if an american citizen woman married you would that make you an american citizen by law i may know one such woman

        1. Hi James, Thanks for your message. I would only ever marry for love, never a visa. Hope your friend finds an amazing guy soon. God Bless you. JD

  4. Jonathan, you are truly an inspiration and I am doing my best to expose you to friends and family. I’d love to see you speak at the Republican National Convention in 2016. There are too many Americans, especially politicians who just don’t get it. Most of our representatives are more concerned with lining their pockets after they leave office than with truly representing the constituents who put them in office. There are some notable exceptions like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and my representative Dave Brat, but for the most part, it’s about power and greed. Your message should be a wake-up call to all Americans and I will do my best to get it out there. Thank you so much for being the voice of Conservative Americans. You are an American at heart!

    1. WOW Joe firstly thank you for your amazing words – they are truly humbly. I also have to thank you for a laugh – I can’t deny you made me smile and laugh at the though of speaking at the RNC in 2016. It would never happen but man I would have fun calling those useless feckless politicians out lol.

      I will do everything in my power to make this show great but I know my role. I am no light or the answer, I am only testifying to to the light and hope. They are God, the principles your country was founded on and of course the American people. Your people are the special part.

      Thank you for all your support and God Bless over you always my friend. JD

  5. John,
    Your words are inspirational. Your understanding of American exceptionalism, freedom and individual liberty is right in tune. Sometimes it seems like hope and spirit are all we have. God willing, we can save America.
    God bless you,
    James Poole

    1. Hi James, Thanks for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. I will continue to do everything in my power to share inspirational stories from America’s past to inspire this and future generations. I still believe in you. Please keep in touch. God Bless you. JD

  6. Hello John ! I was born in Leeds Great Britain ! I am 67 years old . I am a duel citizen ( British American ) Thanks to my departed Wonder full Mother ! I now live in South Western Oregon ! You need to come to Grants Pass Oregon ! President Trump has left us behind here in Josephine County Oregon ! I support Trump ! I voted for him ! But it is ! What it is ! Trump won’t come to the Siskiyou region because he believes Oregon is lost ! Like California ! You Conservative Guys and Gals are missing the Political boat !

  7. Hi James. I’m a new fan to your page. I heard you on Glenn Beck and really wanted to hear more of what you had to say. I’m happy you are an “honorary American” and hope they will make that official for you one day. You deserve it. =)

    1. Thanks Jared. I will always do my best to live by principles even when they hurt me personally. God Bless you.

  8. I can’t find you on Twitter any longer. We both follow each other. I have prayed, talked to my local assembly man, and I can’t figure out a way to get you here unless you get married to an American citizen. I don’t know if you’re married or not but perhaps you should actively pursue someone if you are single! BTW I’m single 😉but I’m probably too old. 68. You belong in America Sir. I hope you can get here!

    1. Thanks Kathleen. While I am single I could never marry someone for a visa. It goes against my faith but I also respect women too much. If I am ever blessed enough to get married, it will be for love and nothing else. God Bless you. JD

  9. I heard you on Glenn Beck this morning and my prayers are with you that you will become a citizen of this great country .
    I would like to follow you on Facebook if you have an account .

  10. Just watched you on Glen Beck, I just don’t understand why you can’t become a citizen. Hope the White House hears your story. Maybe it’s because you love our country too much. It’s fashionable to hate us now.
    It just doesn’t make sense.

    Eleanor M

    1. Hi Eleanor, Thanks for your message but I know my love of America did not even come up. It was purely on educational and work experience grounds. I hope the White House and Conservatives hear the message and actually start promoting legal immigration. God Bless you. JD

  11. Just heard you on the Glenn Beck show and was astounded to hear of your rejection by our country! We need more people like you! You are an inspiration whether you make your home on our shores or in your native Ireland (perhaps they need you more). Never give up on your dream–you are American in spirit! God bless you!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Cathy. I really appreciate them and will continue to be a voice for freedom regardless of my location. God Bless you. JD

  12. I’m thinking about your plight,and you are in my prayers! God has you right where you need to be..desperate for His favor! we take for granted what we have,I will keep you in my prayers.I will share your story,someone will know what to do…in Jesus name!!!

  13. Just heard your interview with Glenn and I don’t mean to be glib or sarcastic, yet, according to US law, if you were gay you would receive a warm welcome from the ACLU as a refugee.
    I wish you all the best and give you praise for speaking out. God Bless.

  14. Dear Mr. Dunne, after hearing you on Beck’s program this morning I have to echo all who I’ve read on your site. We visited Dublin in December and loved our trip, but sad to say I wish we could have convinced the people we had met of the benefits of capitalism and the strangulation of socialism. I wish every American could travel and realize this country is so unique in its structure and design. There is none like this!! You should get an education degree and teach in our high schools…..kids don’t realize what they have in our constitution and bill of rights!! God bless you and I pray our country can be your home soon!!

    1. Hi Kate, Thank you for your kind words. The Irish people are lovely but they always believe in bigger and bigger government and there are no voices for freedom. America is exceptional and I do my best to speak out every week about it on my Blaze show. Getting a degree has never really been an option for me as it costs a lot of money and I don’t come from that background. I am hoping to find a way to do more speaking tours going forward and hope to speak in schools and colleges. God Bless you. JD

  15. Dear Mr. Dunne: I heard you this morning on Glenn Beck’s radio program on 13 Feb 2018 (Tuesday). I think you would make a better and more patriotic American than many people who were born here.–But I didn’t know you had to have a college degree to be admitted. At least, it used not to be so. Many came from Ireland (during the Famine), and Eastern Europe, and I believe many were illiterate. (At least among the Chinese, of whom many could not read even their own language a long time ago; but later, shamefully, an Oriental Exclusion Act was passed).–I think one problem is, that there is too much of a welfare state in this country now. The old-fashioned immigrant came and worked, and worked, very hard, and made a success of himself, by his own efforts.–I wish there were a way to help you. I cannot accept it that your “dream is dead”.–Did you hear the same show this morning? Somebody called with a suggestion about a company could start a branch over there in Ireland, and you could work for it for a year, and that could enable you to get a visa and come over here for a while, and enable you eventually to become a citizen. (I don’t have a degree myself, but, having been born here, I don’t have to. I have passed a few technical courses, but that seems to be a way for people to swindle the student into paying a course that never gets him a job.–I have had numerous jobs in my life, but I think there is age discrimination against me now).—But maybe, if you have to, you could somehow get a degree. At least, there are some courses that are offered online, and maybe you could go to college that way, so that maybe you could get one without its costing too much money. Of course, you are far away, but from what I understand, the Internet spans the sea, and goes across the world. (I don’t have one of these machines in my apartment, and don’t want one there, but I work the computers at the library).And in some of the Terms of Service of the websites (having to read those d*** things is one thing I hate about the Internet), there is mention of Ireland. I think it is something about possible disputes having to be resolved according to the laws of some particular U.S. state, or else Ireland.–So maybe it is possible you could achieve your dream.–Sincerely,

    Jill Joybelle VanSise

    (in Richmond, Virginia)

    1. Hi Jill, Thank you so much for your message and kind words. I really appreciate them. I am going to search for new ways to get there or at very least serve your country more, but I don’t know how getting a degree would be possible right now as they are so expensive. God Bless you. JD

  16. Mr Dunne I heard your Interview on Glenn Beck tonight which was a delay broadcast from this morning. I must Say I am not moved easily But if there is anyone that I would Sponsor in order to help someone immigrate to the US sir you would be first on list. And as you can tell by my last name Sullivan I am about 70% Irish myself. The way you Spoke about America her ideals and people were just inspiring, I truly believe if President Trump was to get wind of that interview I honestly believe he would want a person of your virtue and compassion to have a viable ability to become An American Citizen. It sounds like you are pretty smart to me to have worked for Glenn and would have no trouble adapting.
    I am not wealthy But if there is anything I can do to help your Dream to become Reality Please let me know.
    I am a 100% US Citizen and I do have that going for me.
    I have never been moved like that before and still still feeling the depth of your words. Mr Beck thank you for an amazing find.if there are more people like MR Dunne there is still hope for our Beloved country to be the one that all others truly envy.

    Phillip Sullivan

    1. Philip, thank you so much for your very kind words. I really wish Conservatives would start speaking out for legal immigration but for some reason they never do. The only thing I can ask you for is prayers – prayers that I get new ways to serve the message of freedom and if you listen to shows, consider checking mine out. God Bless you. JD

  17. Jonathon,

    My ancestors came from Ireland and England. It was their grit, hope and love of liberty that made them Americans. America isn’t a place, really. It is a spirit, a mindset. You ARE an American. You’re just taking a very long holiday in Ireland. 😉

    1. Amen Julie, America at its very core is an idea and such an amazing one at that. We need to do our best to highlight that. God Bless you. JD

  18. Dave stay strong keep trying don’t give up you’re more American than most Americans that I know. You’re the kind of people that we need to bring into America to make us better. You understand where we came from and why we are the country that people want to come to and why people who come here illegally and don’t care and still carry their country’s flag in our face and say they deserve to be here don’t along here. It’s good people who love America and want to be an American that belong here, thank you, God bless! keep up the fight God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Thank you so much Michael. I will continue to search for a way there, but also to be a voice for freedoms and promote your amazing values. God Bless you. JD

  19. God bless Jonathan! I hope someone has a way to help you with your American citizenship. You are such a great reminder to all Americans to be grateful for this country and the freedom we enjoy.

    1. Thank you so much Shelly. So do I. Until then I will continue to search for ways to serve and try reach more people with my Blaze show to share principles. God Bless. JD

    1. lol… thank you but per FDA rules, if you still feel this in four hours, please consult a medical professional 🙂

    2. No for real if I weren’t already married I would consider meeting you and see how things might would go but that is not an option. But I really both hope and pray that you can come to and become a citizen of the United States. You sound more proud of our great nation that a lot of our our citizens. So keep up your good work and I am sure that Mr. Beck being in your corner it will happen . So again good luck and many prayers to you. Thank you, Peggy

  20. Jonathan, I spent my whole morning listening to your podcast. What a refreshing and excellent show! You express your “Americanism” exactly how I feel for my wonderful country. I pray that one day you will be blessed with citizenship to this wonderful land! Keep up the great work! God bless you!

  21. Dear Mr. Dunne: It’s good to hear that you love America and it’s principles, and believe in the indispensability of human liberty. But on the other hand, I think the philosophy that you espouse is shaky and even specious. I think you’re a smart man, so hear me out. America was founded by people who believed it was Mankind’s right (or at least the American people’s right) to live under an appointed, elected government and not a monarch or despot, like generations of people had. A representative republic, if we could keep it, like Franklin said. But one of the main cornerstones of our ideology was in the DOI, that all men are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights. That right there is where the train starts to go off the rails, in my opinion. First off, the Creator that Tom Jefferson was referring to was the God of the Bible, Yahweh. Not Allah, Buddah, Brahma or Zeus. Yahweh, who created and redeemed his creation, Humanity, with the redemptive blood of the son, Jesus. But the blessings and freedom that He bestows on his people are contingent on his people following His precepts in the Scriptures, loving him individually and as a community, and here’s the big one, living in holiness!!! Holiness means people, individually and corporately, pursue God the Father thru Jesus, with All your heart, soul etc. And this is supposed to happen in the Church. And the Church should be a light to the world and the nation of Israel. Butyou well know the saga of the nation of Israel, being led out of Egypt miraculously only to bow down to the Golden calf, and their subsequent obeying/rebellion against God, their oppression from the Assyrians, Babylonians and subjugation by the Romans. Each time the Israelites were punished for their disobedience, they lost freedom. And so it is with the US! When we’re not holy as He is holy like the Scriptures command, we are subject to His judgment; so, “inalienable” is incorrect by definition, life liberty and happiness CAN be taken away. And saying that the world will end if the American people fail, well, just remember that the world existed for thousands of years before we came on the scene. Yes, the US has freedom and opportunity like no other, and I love my smartphone and air conditioning as much as the next guy, but putting such unbridled faith in any group or nation, to me smacks of idolatry, John. People are sinful, and that’s mainly spiritual not political. To listen to Glenn Beck break down and howl for blood when Ted Cruz endorsed Trump, was a little disturbing; his faith in the American people is so ardent, it impairs his understanding of Jesus and Biblical values, the true source of spiritual (and this political) freedom. My prayer for you John is that you’ll let the Lord Jesus come to you with his love, and accept Him as Lord, and pursue heart-centered holiness. I encourage you to seek out Christian authors on the subject. And keep step with American values, as the DOI and Constitution are the best legislative documents we have to date. Well, I’m done, Dunne 🙂 Best wishes, Paul

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comments and let me break them down and respond.

      You are correct the founders spoke about natures law and natures god and build the Constitution and America around Judeo – Christian values. There is no denying that fact – All you have to do is your the Constitution and you can see it. However the great part of Christianity is how we are taught to deal with people. We understand we are all equal, we shall be known by our fruits and that our job is to love others – Jesus himself said this was the most important commandment. The great thing about Americas founding documents is they can be discussed around Christanity or any religion as the principles are self evident. Do you need to be a Christian to believe all are created equal or that everyone has a right to free speech? Nope. They are principles that are consistent with nature.

      I agree that it starts with the Church. I highlight this regularly on my show and call for it. Imagine the world if Jews and Christians could actually unite and promote the principles of God. We could solve so many problems – instead we fight for our religion because its “superior”.

      Can God take away our rights? Sure he can. However I have never suggested otherwise. When I speak about rights, I say man has no right to take them away and that man has no right or power to compel others to live a certain way – if man had that power, they would be Gods… And God is clear on there only being one of them :).

      About my comments on the world failing if America fails – I am not sure how much of my work you have followed but I have been very clear on this. No other nation has ever come close to promoting Gods law. It is why America is exceptional. I believe this world works best with Gods law for many reasons, not including he is God and perfect. If America fails, who will take its place? If your people forget those principles, who live replace them? I believe America is an exceptional place and had the hand of divine providence in your creation and existence – will it always be that way? Only God knows that answer but I will continue to promote those principles and encourage your people to return to those principles as they are the roadmap for success.

      Again I don’t know how much of my work you have followed but I don’t link American freedom to material goods. They are an outcome of freedom. The idea of freedom is what I link to American freedom – everything in the DOI and BOR. That is freedom. Material goods like smart phones while awesome are the simple result of those freedoms and man’s imagination.

      As for faith in the American people – I do have it. I have it because of your history and everything you have overcome and what you will overcome because your nation is about your principles and your people.

      I am not here for answer for GB – he has done that many times himself. He has aplogized for things which is more than I can say for others in the media and politicians.

      Lastly thank you for your prayers but I have already accepted Jesus as my savior and I beg him countless times a day to have mercy on me because I am deeply flawed and a sinner. God Bless you. JD

  22. It is, as others have already mentioned, nice to hear kind words from people outside our country. Most of what we hear on a daily basis is so negative. It is hard here, right now, living in the chaos. I think there are many issues at play here. Some of it is that we have taken our blessings for granted. Some is that our freedoms have been diluted with “Political Correctness”, a misinterpretation of separation of church and state, a twisting of constitutional laws etc. Our government has become corrupted. These are just a few issues of a complicated mess. As it stands though, we still have a chance to correct this… to hang on to the idea “The American Dream”. The beauty of what you said is recognition that we are unique and we need to preserve that uniqueness. Again, thank you for your kind words. God Bless you and yours.

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