Constitution, Caravans & Economics with Steve Deace

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon is joined for an interview with the newest additional to Blaze – Steve Deace and they discuss history, American exceptionalism, the approaching migrant caravans, and basic economics.

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Show Highlights

History / American Exceptionalism

In this politically filled world, it is critical we highlight exactly WHY America is an exceptional nation. Jonathon and Steve discuss the founding the America and Steve lay out the case of why he is a Conservative but also why he does not consider Conservatism an ideology – hint it goes a long way into history.


The caravan is getting plenty of discussion on both sides of the aisle today and what should be done. Steve is one of the few political commentators who has become much stronger on immigration as he has researched it. He also shares his opinion on what he thinks will happen with the caravan and how everything will play out economically. 


Lastly, we discussed the growing debt in America and who has any creditability in DC. Who truly stands and votes for the Constitution? For limited government? For free markets? But also for fiscal sanity. America’s debt is currently $21 trillion and no-one seems to care or want to stop. Steve gives a very unique take on why this won’t stop and why this won’t have as big an effect on America as it might on other countries.  

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