The Idea Of America vs. World History

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses the idea of America vs. World History, Alex Jones vs Apple & Facebook, the real problem with Alex Jones & Americans not being able to name the five freedoms in the first amendment.

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Idea of America vs World History

In this critical monologue breaks down the Idea of America and explain why America is different from the rest of the world. Regardless of the rulers of the ideology, the world has only known some version of tyranny and control by the state. The state has installed class systems, decided what was for the common good, stole from its people who they treated as subjects. The idea of America is about the individual where all are created equal with no classes or fancy titles, where YOU decide what path is best for you, where you get to keep the fruits of your labor and where you are a free person and treated on the content of your character.

If you want to make it really simple think of yourself living in other nations and at different times and ask yourself four simple questions:

  • Who controls you?
  • Who controls your labor?
  • Who controls your possessions?
  • Who controls your rights or where do they come from?

Now ask yourself what would you like the answers to be.

Alex Jones Vs Apple & Facebook

The biggest story in America last week was Alex Jones being banned from platforms like Apple and Facebook. There has been a big outcry from principled voices saying this is a violation of freedom of speech. However, this issue is not as simple as that. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do I support freedom of speech?
  • Does a company have a right to control its labor (in this case its platform)?
  • Do I have a right to a companies labor or possessions?
  • Who’s rights are more important?
  • Do you believe rights are subject to the common good argument?
  • Was Ted Talk right to allow two presentations saying paedophilia is a sexual orientation?

While these are critical questions, the biggest problem with the Alex Jones situation how America has strayed away from the free market and you currently have big business in bed with big government. How many people are on the right, are currently unhappy with Facebook? Yet where is the competition? Where is the alternative?

Americans & 1st Amendment

Americans on BOTH sides of the aisle love to shout about their rights and many on both sides of the aisle love to get their fix of outrage thru social media. Do you know something you should be very upset about and its something you can actually change tomorrow? A recent poll from the Freedom Forum Institute found that only 36 percent could correctly name one First Amendment right, only 12 percent could name two and only one respondent correctly recalled each of the five rights protected by the First Amendment.

If you don’t know what Constitutional rights you actually hold, how can you truly have a prosperous Republic and actually hold politicians accountable for their actions?

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