Media Silent On Real Issues Like Venezuela, While Shouting About Trump

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses questions raising from the Cohen verdict, real global issues including Venezuela and South Africa, the solution to man’s law, and explaining why income inequality is a GOOD THING!!!.

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Show Highlights

Cohen Verdict

Last week Michael Cohen pleaded guilty and the media on ALL sides made this solely about President Trump being either guilty or innocent. This verdict does raise some interesting principles that should be discussed including whether campaign finance is actually Constitutional. 

Real Global Issues

While the media are spending every waking minute on President Trump, they are silent on some very big issues happening around the world including researching if there is an issue in South Africa with farms being stolen (and the issues this will create for food) and the horror stories from Venezuela where people are starving, and the government cut  zeros from their currency.

Mans Law

We are living in a world that is obsessed with the law of man and history gives us countless examples of why this always fails. The root of this failure is there is no foundation and no consistency to the law of man – it can “evolve” at any time and will change from country to country. This is why we must start sharing the idea of America with people and its foundation – that there are certain things in society that will never change, that it does not matter what country you are in, what era you live in – this is the law of nature America’s founders spoke about. It is the key foundation of America.

Income Inequality

If you listen to enough media, you will hear the term income inequality, how it is getting worse and why this is a horrific thing. I want to make the case to you today why income inequality IS A GOOD THING and we should celebrate it. I also want to make the economic argument that celebrates when a millionaire buys something really extravagant like a private yacht or fancy car, we all gain in society.

Special Note:

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