NO… My Tyrant Is NOT Better Than Yours!!!!

In the special episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses America’s Independence Day by highlighting why America was exceptional and by linking back to stories including a Foreign Policy Update on Ireland, addressing Americans who want a revolution, why the liberal outrage over Kennedy is an opportunity and why judging by labels will lead you astray.

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Show Highlights

Irish Foreign Policy

American’s love to think of Ireland as this freedom loving nation – sadly that is nothing but a myth. The Irish War of Independence was purely about two words – HOME RULE. It was a battle the world has seen countless times that had nothing to do with freedom, just about your ruler being the same nationality as you. Ireland is currently heading for more trouble as people are calling for a United Ireland and once again freedom or rights won’t be discussed, it will be the nationality of your ruler.

Another American Revolution

I have witnessed voices from BOTH sides over the years say the only solution to America’s problems is another revolution. According to a recent poll, roughly 31% of Americans believe a second Civil War is likely within five years. I hope this never happens, but if it does, you need to make some important changes. Today everyone loves to tell you what they don’t like or what they are against whether that is a political party, a certain politician or even an ideology – but how many can clearly state what they are for. America’s founders were exceptional because they stated to the world what they were for before they listed their 27 issues with the King.

Kennedy Retiring

Liberals have been going crazy on social media over the last week. Whether it was Chelsea Handler apologizing to the world or the fear of a Conservative Justice replacing Anthony Kennedy. How have a lot of Conservatives responded? I have seen a lot of enjoyment, funny memes and many seeking to add to the pain. Sadly many today, do not see this as a MAJOR opportunity to discuss principles that the founders fought for.

If you are truly worried about who is in the WH, then discuss Article two of the Constitution which clearly explains a President has no real power and is nothing more than a figurehead. If you are worried about who holds power in Congress, explain Article 1 Section 8 which clearly explains the 18 clauses of power that Congress holds and that everything else should belong in the states. If you are worried about a SCOTUS justice, discuss Article 3 and the powers they hold. This is a prime time to make the argument for limited government because if one election impacts you and makes you fearful, then clearly you have a government that is out of control.

Judging by Labels

Today, we all love to judge by labels and so rarely ask what that label means to someone. I want to share one label I share some ideas with (and have for a LONG time) but completely disagree with the public perception of this label.

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