Cowardice Nature of Progressive Politicians

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon has highlights the cowardice nature of progressive politicians, discusses the Iran deal and responds to political hacks including Samantha Power, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & John Kerry. Lastly, Jonathon remembers our world history of appeasing dictators and the impact that has on society.

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Show Highlights

Progressives & Cowards

Have you ever noticed how Progressive love to talk tough and their double standards when it comes to their own citizens? In the last week we have seen GQ say don’t need to read the Bible, a Catholic theme Met Gala, Woody Harleson said Mike Pence was the kind of religious you don’t want and the New York Times called motherhood the dumbest job ever. 

Iran Deal

Last week Donald Trump pulled out of the Iranian deal and as expected the media and politicians responded with the typical outrage. Political hacks like Hillary Clinton were running around saying how this was a bad choice and it hurts the creditability of America. Considering the chaos they caused in the middle east for the past eight years, I think America can do without their failed advice. 

World History

The World has a long history of appeasement. I wanted to take some time out and share some of that history including what the political class said during the Cold War and World War 2.

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