Remembering Men of Honor & A Battle That Formed America

In this special episode, I take a break from the news of the day and want to do some personal reflection and share some stories, including:

  1. Remembering men of honor and how honor was used to influence culture
  2. What are your priorities in life?
  3. Remembering the Battle of Trenton
  4. Parable about how you can be a rock.

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Show Highlights

Men of Honor

American history is filled with men of honor and honor always played should a critical part of your culture. I want to remember the signers of your declaration of Independence and what winning looked for them personally. I also look at the culture your founders had and look at the saying, “Oh you’re a Benedict Arnold”.

What are your priorities in life?

I would ask you a take a moment out to examine your life right now. In words, what you think are your priorities? What do you worry about? In actions, what are you actual priorities in life?

Now imagine you find out you only have a couple of weeks left to live, would you still act the same way? What would you prioritize? What would you do differently?

Battle of Trenton

American history is amazing and filled with great heritage. Without the leadership of General George Washington and winning the Battle of Trenton, there is no America and our world is extremely different today. To get away from politics, I want to share the lead up to this battle and why this battle should be remembered more today.

Rock Parable

We all have the ability to make a difference in society today – it’s up to us whether that difference is positive or negative. Sadly today many have lost hope, feel they cannot make a difference or are just too lazy. I want to share a parable about a rock in the hope you consider making a larger difference in society.


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