Oh Hillary, PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I want to discuss Hillary Clinton’s horrific comments from last week. I was also asked by a listener to highlight the dangers of democracy in Europe compared to America where you are a Constitutional Republic. I share some recent policies from Europe including:

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Show Highlights

Hillary Clinton

Last week Hillary Clinton was in India and while she was explaining her election loss to Donald Trump, she made some outrageous claims which are LIES but also very dangerous. She claimed that Donald Trump and his supporters want to take away the rights from black people. This is not only a lie, but in 2018 is very dangerous as we are witnessing the rise of racism once again in Europe and other places. Racism is NOT a left versus right issue, it is a human issue and Hillary comments hurt people on all sides who hate racism.

Free Speech

Recently the London Police released new guidelines on free speech. You can now be charged in England with a hate crime for your words but also because of your intent. I explain why free speech is critical and also give you a case where free speech is hard to defend – when you hear the case, would you defend their right to free speech or should they be silenced?

Minimum Wage

The world is on the progressive march towards higher minimum wages. You see this in America with the race to $15 and in the UK with the race to £10. Recently a think-tank in the UK released a report highlighting the effects of a higher minimum wage and it was not pleasent reasoning. In this example I want to example why this will hurt workers, using your weekly shop.

Who controls your body

We close the show with two more stories from Europe asking one important question – who owns your body? The UK government is very concerned with Obsesity and recently published new laws telling companies the maximum amount of calories their take away and ready made meals can contain. The second story is how the government responded to the problem of people dying from a lack of organ donors.

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