Calling Evil By Its Name!

In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I have 4 stories and principles to discuss with you, including:

  • Another Horrific School Shooting
  • Media’s Reaction to North Korea (Not what most are saying)
  • Constitutional Series: The Second Amendment
  • Economics – Conservative happy with Military Spending Increase

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Show Highlights

Another Horrific School Shooting

Last week America once again witnessed a horrific school shooting and the reaction is the same – blame the gun, shame the NRA and calls for “common sense” gun control. Sadly so many today only look to DC for solutions. I want to start a discussion with you about the real problems in America and ask you 6 questions that are helping to cause this violence and sadly very few will mention them.

Media’s Reaction to North Korea (Not what most are saying)

The mainstream media are loving the sister of the North Korean Dictator and even loved the “side-eye” she gave Mike Pence last week. Many Republicans are calling the media out for this and are linking this to their hatred of Donald Trump. Sadly the media is actually acting consistently right now – if you want to prove can you point to the despotic tyrannical regime around the world the mainstream media was either not silent for or worse wrote fluff pieces for?

Constitutional Series: The Second Amendment

We continue our series on founding principles this week by looking at the second amendment and what it really means. Many on all sides will discuss the second amendment in the terms of guns. I want to try to make the case to you that the second amendment has little to do with guns, rather it is a continuation of the laws of nature and the second amendment is the law of self-defense or self-preservation.

Economics – Conservative happy with Military Spending Increase

Congress released its new budget last week and it is filled with goodies for people on all sides and you may have heard the military got an increase in spending – this has made Conservatives very happy. I want to share a piece of audio with you from Rand Paul about defense spending and highlight why some increases in defense spending should NOT be supported if you are a fiscal conservative.

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