Are You Free to Choose & Control Your Future?

In this jam-packed episode, I have 4 stories and principles to discuss with you, including:

  • FBI loses 5 months of text messages – happens all the time, right?
  • Economics – Who controls YOUR labor?
  • Founding Principles – Original writing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Motivation – How do you respond when someone says you can’t do something?

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Show Highlights

FBI Text Messages

I discuss the recent report of the FBI losing 5 months of text messages and ask each of you some important questions – Does the FBI have any creditability today? What body has any creditability today? What will justice look like in the future? What seeds are we planting for tomorrow?

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Who controls YOUR labor?

I am sure you heard the recent outrage from the left about Michelle Williams earning less than Mark Wahlberg. Taking a step back from the story, I want to ask some questions: Can I control my destiny and my price? Is price the only consideration in life today? If we want a world of fairness, what are the solutions? More government, more outrage or more empowerment? 

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Original writing of the DOI

I want to share and highlight the original writing of the DOI and explain why the word missing is critical to understanding the idea of America. The removal of this word also proves that your founders were more than just slave owners – but they actually laid the foundation to abolish slavery.

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You CAN’T DO IT!!!!

Several weeks ago, a poster went viral from the NFL promoting a Super Bowl of the Patriots and the Vikings. Needless to say, there was outrage and led people to promote the NFL is fixed. If I was part of the Eagles team, I would have loved this and used it to motivate everyone around the team. I lastly ask how you respond when someone tells you that you cannot do something?

(Links to short segment available on Soundcloud and Google)

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