WAIT!!! Trickle Down Economics Actually Works?

In this jam-packed episode, I share some of his 2018 goals for our show but also tackles three main points:

  • What’s missing from the recent economic news about tax cuts
  • Why all men created equal is a critic foundational principle
  • The place on Earth where most ideas & dreams live

Show Highlights

2018 Goals

I want to spend more time finding ways to serve each of you and the freedom movement more. I also want to do a better job finding eternal principles that we can all agree on. 

Recent Economic News

America has been receiving a lot of positive economic news lately including wage increases, $1000 bonus for employees and last week Apple announced a $360 billion investment in America. This is all wonderful news and should be highlighted as a result of tax cuts. However we must also discuss the principles behind tax cuts – people have a right to keep more of their own money.

Foundational Principles

Do you know what the foundation of your principles is? Personally a lot of my principles come back to one – All men are created equal and that we are all children of God. But have we ever achieved it? Or an even harder question to answer – do we want to achieve it today?


Can you name the place on Earth where the most ideas reside? Is it Congress? Silicon Valley? Wall Street? Chamber of Commerce? Big companies like Apple, Google or Amazon? No. I will make the case why the graveyard holds the most ideas and how we all have a role in changing that.

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