Rights, Responsibilities & How To Win

R,R & How to Win

In the latest episode of the Freedoms Disciple podcast, I break down the issues of the past week including Colin Kaepernick and how the people have responded to him. I also share a couple of heart breaking stories from Ireland about a woman documenting her journey to have an abortion and how the public responded including public figures. Lastly I announce a brand new segment for the show starting September 17th and address the “feud” and issues between Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity.

Please join me as I continue to speak out for America’s Founding Principles and you can listen below or by clicking directly on SoundCloud or ITunes:

Some people have asked how I plan a show. So going forward each week I am going to share a show board with you. (Please excuse the writing)

Board 03.09.2016

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Irish women who live tweeted journey to the UK for termination – Click here

‘I trust Irish women to make their own decisions” – Click here


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  1. I can read the text, but can’t play videos. I know it’s harder for some people to do this than others, but I wish you’d type a transcript of each podcast or video so I can find out what you said!

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