To Quit, Or Not To Quit…That Is The Question?

I was back with a podcast last Saturday. I took a couple of weeks off to do some self-reflection and I thought long and hard about quitting. So I came up with some tough principled questions to ask myself and I want to share them with every American because I know I am not the only one who is hurting right now and feeling lost and somewhat hopeless.

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Questions Raised in this episode:

  • What have you to gain by quitting? Will anything in your life be better?
  • What are your priorities in life?
  • Even if you knew you would lose, would you rather do the right thing, or would you sell out and win?
  • Do I have a responsibility to stand and do what is right?
  • Is America worth fighting for?

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4 thoughts on “To Quit, Or Not To Quit…That Is The Question?

  1. As much as we want to find our answers in our leaders, that is obviously not the case at this point in our history. America must find it’s answers (in my opinion) within our families, our communities, our places of worship and our local groups. Perhaps if we can do that, we can start to correct things from the ground up. Please don’t quit! You have an important voice!

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