Phony Activism is BACK!!! Let’s Attack Starbucks And A Cup!

Are you worried about America’s $18 Trillion Debt? Are you worried about ISIS? Are you concerned about access to your healthcare? Well don’t be because Phony Activism is back and we are now told to worry about Starbucks and the cup they serve their coffee in. In this episode I break down the Starbucks issue and I ask some principled question around whether we support freedom or our own personal interests in Christmas.

I spend the majority of the show breaking down the recent debt agreement between Congress and the President. I also call out BOTH parties and the media for all the lies, myths and spin they spread to the American people about the fear of a government shutdown and defaulting on the National Debt. You can listen below or by clicking on Soundcloud or ITunes:

Please consider tuning in and sharing with your family and friends. I really appreciate any support I can get. God Bless over each of you always. JD

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