MUST LISTEN!!! Matt Bevin Joins The Intersection for Amazing Interview

Last Saturday, we had the honor of interviewing the awesome Matt Bevin and he spoke about many topics including his businesses, his vision for Kentucky, Baltimore Riots and the Terrorists attack in Garland. Needless to say his answers were all very interesting.

However I believe Matt spoke best when he address the problems of our nation today, how we can fix them and how we can engage the youth of today.His primary is THIS TUESDAY (19th May). You can listen to the interview segment below or by clicking here. If you agree that Matt is a bright light for America, please visit for more information, consider donating your time and money and share this interview with your friends and family in Kentucky. #VoteBevin

After the interview we had a lot of topics to discuss and we discussed the horrific TERRORIST attack in Garland and the assault on Free Speech and how we all have a role to play in its defense. Please consider listening to whole show below or by clicking here:

Please consider tuning into “The Intersection” tonight (and every Saturday night) at 9PM Eastern on WAAR Radio as we are going to be discussing Terrorism and our Culture today. This will truly be a can’t miss show as we dissect the Boston Bombing result and the comments from the A.G. calling it a political attack. Please join us and help us in the fight to rebuild, restore and reengage the heart of America. God Bless each of you always.


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