Kinessa Johnson, VetPaw & 2016 Election

Last weekend we had an amazing radio show as we were joined by the wonderful Kinessa Johnson  and discussed VETPAW and some of the lies the “lame”stream media is saying about her and her crew. SHOCKER, they aren’t telling you the whole story or even the right story. So we reached out to Kinessa for clarity on some of these issues and she joined us live from Africa.

We then delved into the 2016 field and discussed some of the potential candidates including Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Rand Paul.

You can check out the podcast below or by clicking here.

We have a very exciting show coming up this Saturday night at 9PM Eastern as we are going to be joined by Lenore Skenazy aka America’s Worst Mom and we will be discussing the rights of parents and free-range kids. Please tune into The Intersection only on WAAR Radio. God Bless you