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Legislation is currently being filed to stifle religious liberty, freedom of speech and limit paternal roles in the name of public education… is this even America?

I was once again a guest on the Intersection last Saturday evening discussing this and so much more. It was an honor joining Andrew, Kelcy & Kris to discuss these incredibly important issues in America today… BTW these bills are being put forth by a REPUBLICAN… The lines that separate the parties are becoming harder and harder to define.

We had a great and lively debate based on facts, plenty of different opinions and a lot of fun. In fact for some weird reason one of the few things everyone agreed on…. they all want to see me get beat up by the GREAT Ronda Rousey :-)….. I don’t know why but it would be an honor!

You can check out the podcast below or by clicking here:

All feedback for the show and the site is always welcome and very much appreciated. I will be joining Andrew’s amazing show every Saturday night at 9PM Eastern and I hope you will consider checking out  “The Intersection” on WAAR Radio.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Liberty Under Attack – The Intersection

  1. John, a while ago you said you weren’t going to try to become an American. I don’t know why you made this decision, I’m sure you have your reasons. I don’t know if things have changed since then, but if they haven’t I am saddened. It seems to me you are an American, regardless of your residence. If things haven’t changed, it’s our loss.

    1. Thanks John for the very kind words. Yes I have given up on many of my personal dreams including moving to America. The truth is I have tried different ways for nearly 11 years and I am no where closer to getting there today than I was when I started. I don’t see a clear path there and now Amnesty has been signed, it will be next to impossible :-). I wish things were different and wish someone saw some potential in me, and helped me get there but it clearly aint meant to be :-)….

      However don’t worry I am not giving up on your nation. I will continue to serve it and your people in any way I can. I still believe in your people and know you can overcome the many obstacles you face :-). Stand strong and God Bless you!

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