An Irishman’s Plea to ALL the Candidates Running in 2016

The race for the White House has officially started. The start of election season is like Spring Training in baseball – everyone is excited, hopeful, optimistic and everyone thinks they can win. This election could be historic for many reasons, but one thing I doubt anyone could argue against is the field is very wide and very open.

Some on the left want Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and some are even thinking Al Gore might make a comeback. The field on the right is filled with many candidates like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who officially announced he is running on Monday which is sure to spark much excitement and sadly hate.

Regardless of your thoughts on each of them, I am looking forward to the debate because America and the World face many deadly problems today and they need to be addressed. It is not the job the of a non-citizen like me to promote one candidate over another as I believe my job and duty is to cheer-lead on the side for the principles your nation was founded on. However I do have several plea’s for all the candidates who are running or considering a run in 2016.


Firstly I hope America elects a candidate who will say the following with REAL passion and conviction and at every opportunity (both home and abroad) – “America is the greatest country in the world” and then let everyone know their own personal reason why.

I love your awesome nation and the principles it stands for, but I am sick to death of all this hate America and America sucks crap that has become all too popular today. The simple undeniable fact is this: America in two hundred plus years has contributed MORE to society than any other nation or collection of nations in the history of the world. America has explored the swamps, the stars and everything in between and helped make life as we know it today possible. America is the proof that theories like Mercantilism, Socialism and Marxism (and every other ism) does not work as well as the free market. If those ism’s were so successful, how come there is no country to point to as an example?

Secondly I hope you elect a candidate who understands the moral and principle behind the message in the first chapter of the John’s Gospel which is incredibly important to the principles America was founded on. John 1:7-8 shares that John (who was a man sent by God); “He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe thru him. He himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the light”. The message here is clear for all Christians – regardless of what we or others think of ourselves, we are NOT God and it certainly is not our job to play God. We are here to testify to God’s existence and the principles and commandments he gave us.

I can already see the lines being drawn on social media with different groups being formed stating that only their candidate can save America. I hope and pray all your candidates understand the principle behind John’s Gospel – It is NOT their job to be the light and saviour for America.This is NOT the American way. Rather their job is to testify to the principles America was founded on and help promote them and make American principles a shining light for everyone to see.

The solution to every challenge America faces today is not government – IT IS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! It was that believe that made your nation great and unique in 1776 and what can make you great once again. Principles are incredibly important because your nation was founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Principles are everywhere in America and some are hidden in plain sight like your Statue of Liberty, while others are ways of describing America (even by people of other nations) – Land of the free, home of the brave and a beacon of light and hope for the world. All these have one thing in common. They promote national principles, NOT people or parties.

I believe it is time for the American People to lead in the world once again and to lead the revolution of ideas the world desperately needs because America has been a follower for far too long. Following is only okay if you are following a good set of principles. Sadly for over 100 years, America has been following the failed example of Europe and other socialist / communist countries where everything revolves around the government, Monarch or a Dictator. America did not become the greatest country in the world because of Washington, Lincoln or Reagan. In the same light Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, FDR and Wilson did not make your country suck. While both examples did play a role in setting a mood for the country, moods can be changed.

America used to follow a different path and understand that a country is never great because of its politics, its leader or any elected party. A country is great because of its people and their actions.
I am here to testify that the American people are some of the greatest to ever exist. The great American people ALWAYS step up financially to the plate anytime there is a natural disaster or when a country needs assistance and for that the whole world owes you a massive thank you. However as if that was not enough, the American people have stepped up and offered their blood as your sons and daughters have rescued so many people in your short history. This is only a fraction of why your people are amazing!

Thirdly I would love your future President (and elected officials) to speak more about the REAL American Dream and help re-define it. I speak with far too many people today who have no dreams and who believe life today is as good as it will ever get. Your next President should inspire, encourage and promote people to dream and to be involved in creating a better tomorrow, because THEY WILL BUILT THAT!!! The simple truth is government builds nothing… it only stops and destroys. The people are the ones with the power and responsibility of building a better tomorrow because everyone reading this can achieve ANYTHING they want to.

LASTLY I would love to see a candidate to speak about a NEW American Dream – a dream where everyone is independent and has full control of their own lives. How about a new American Dream where you NEVER have any contact with the Federal Government? How amazing would that be? Surely that is something we can all agree would be a positive step.

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4 thoughts on “An Irishman’s Plea to ALL the Candidates Running in 2016

    1. Thank you Colleen. I really appreciate your kind words. God Bless you!

  1. AMEN! It would be hard to add anything. I guess a good solid HEAR! HEAR!, Jonathon! One day I expect to see you here in America and congratulate your newly minted citizenship! Many here are Americans in Name ONLY! You would be an American in every way.

  2. Thank you for your very kind words Ronald. They are very much appreciated. However I have given up looking for a way to America – so it never leads to anything and struggle to find people to help me. If a job and visa were there, I would take them. But they are not. 🙂

    I am now just trying to focus my energy on serving God, your nation and the message of freedom in any way possible and try to become a better person. God Bless you my brother.

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