Status Quo Crushes The American People 64 – 2!!! Time to Double Down on Freedom!

There can be no denying that the current election cycle has been a disaster for the future of America. Congress currently has a 13% approval rating so of course it goes without saying 96% of Senators, Members of the House and Governors who seeks re-election won! Yes, all 14 Senators who sought re-election won their primary battles, 33 of the 35 House members retained their seat and when you throw in the 15 governors who also won, it makes the score 64 – 2. A landslide victory and a strong message has been delivered to career politicians – YOUR SEAT IS SAFE regardless of your actions, so feel free to do what you want!

Well the GOP has certainly received your message because they wasted no time in acting. How did they act after Dave Bratt beat Eric Cantor, the GOP Majority Leader in the House? They promoted Kevin McCarthy who makes Eric Cantor look like Ronald Reagan. But they are not finished there. They are now talking about Amnesty again and then last week proceeded to declare an all-out war on the Tea Party and used the same tactics as the one trick pony left – in an election advert they said the Tea Party were racists and don’t want black people voting. This was an all-out effort to ensure Thad Cochran (a 42 veteran of Congress) won re-election against the Conservative Chris McDaniel.

Many who have followed politics closely have noticed this GOP become more and more progressive since Reagan left office. It has always been present but before it was like the skeleton in the closet few ever spoke about, but this week it has been on full display.

After these actions I would like to ask every American where do you see your country in 10 years? To my friends on the right I would ask you what is the difference between this GOP & Democrats since so many still believe the GOP is still a better option? I only see one minor difference between the two parties and that is the rate of acceleration. It has to be clear to every American that both parties believe in big government progressive policies and have the same final destination; however it will simply take longer under the GOP. Want proof?

Can you name one aspect of your life in which the government plays no role and where the GOP are leaders in fighting for freedom?

Today the US government is involved in everything from what car you drive, to the toilet you use, even investigating steroids in baseball. Today’s government is not only involved in every problem, anyone who suggests a solution not involving government are outcasts. Simply put, America has stopped following the laws of nature and common sense and is now following the example of every other country in the history of the world, following the laws of man on the journey to Utopia.

One of my favorite politicians Ronald Reagan always believed, “There is nothing wrong with America that we cannot fix” and today I believe that more than ever. I love America for so many reasons because I have read your great history and read how you overcame everything from the greatest army of the day at your founding, Slavery, Nazism and Communism and so much more. In each of those battles, your enemy could influence the outcome, but this battle is different. This battle is for the heart and soul of America and whether or not Americans still believe in the power of the individual. I have witnessed how helplessness and overcome so many American’s feel especially since 2012 but I ask you why is this battle so much harder compared to enemies of the past? Do you really believe that the GREAT American people who have explored everything from the swamps to the stars cannot overcome a progressive mind-set?

I believe now is the time we ALL double down on freedom, U.S. Founding Principles, and what we all know is morally right in our hearts and put an end to Progressivism because as Thomas Paine wrote, “We have it in our power to begin the world again”.

American Dream

The answers will never come from DC regardless of which party is in power. They come from a combination of the Bible, your Constitution, and acted upon by the American people and not politicians and unelected bureaucrats from DC. I believe a huge part of the road to freedom is to re-establish the American Dream. Have you ever heard of the Chinese Dream, the Russian Dream or even the European Dream? NOPE but everyone has heard about the American Dream. The American Dream is very special and powerful and even people who have never thought of immigration know about it. The American Dream is why millions like me dream of a brighter future and want to move to America legally because we all want to seek that opportunity of a brighter tomorrow.

America is a country where if you work hard or have a great idea ANYONE can be successful. It is not like Utopia where other things matter like where you come from, where you live, how much money you have, your educational background, or arguably most importantly what class you belong to. The American Dream is exceptional because it applies to everyone. That dream helped America with the expansion out west, helped you become an industrialized super-power and helped you explore everything from the swamp to the stars.

Now some who argue against my position would say that any country could have achieved those. I disagree because American has something other countries don’t. America is not just a great nation; it is an idea and has a foundation in principle which is enshrined in your Constitution. It is what separates America from the rest of the world because it speaks about nature’s law and rights coming from God. American citizens have certain inalienable rights including the right to free speech and the right to bear arms and these are never up for election. In Utopian places like Ireland, we rely solely on man’s law which is ever-changing, rarely rooted in morals, always up for election, and rooted in the sole principle of ensuring the politician gets re-elected.

When I look at the history of America, I believe the same thing that once made you great can do so again – it is not a certain President, or political party or anyone from DC. It is the first three words of your Constitution and where your founders always wanted the power – THE PEOPLE!


So what are the solutions? Firstly it is time for Washington to get out of people lives – surely the American people are smart enough to decide which light bulb or toilet they need. Secondly, America needs to promote business regardless of size and reduce the excessive regulations. American history proves society benefits most from the principles of free market capitalist, competition and innovation. Thirdly it is time to empower the individual to follow their own ambition and to pursue their dreams because the only limits we have in life are the ones we decide. Lastly I believe the American people need to learn how to DREAM again and dream big.

I share one thing in common with the patriots who may read this. The easy road is the same for both of us and that is just to give up. Being a Christian Conservative who believes in Freedom and the Constitution may be unpopular in America, but trust me when I say it is even less so in the Utopia of Ireland. However I believe that we are not judged by God on the amount of times we fall, rather how many times we get up. American history proves time and time again that anything is possible and I still believe America will wake up and return to being a beacon of light and hope for the world!

* Originally published at The Blaze

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