Why Mitt Romney Lost!!!

It is crucial Republicans take a good long hard look at themselves after Tuesday’s election and identify ways to WIN the next election, but this must be done quickly. I want to write solely on Mitt Romney in this piece and highlight some of the crucial mistakes he made in the Presidential Race. There are some within the Republican Party right now defending Mitt that he was a nice guy and a great family man and that he grew in his campaign. I doubt there are many who would dispute that claim however principles should stay with you at all times – When you run a campaign wanting to hold the President responsible for his record, then you cannot forgive Mitt Romney for losing Tuesday night. We should hold him responsible for helping give America another four years of Barack Obama.

Benghazi – Whoever made the decision, or suggested Mitt totally exclude the Benghazi issue should never be let near politics again. Put yourself back to that third debate, the race was tied or Mitt slightly ahead, Mitt had all the momentum, and the first question in the third debate is on Libya where there was strong evidence there was a cover up. That debate could have been over after question 1 and gone a long way to a Presidential win  – however he did not and went on to lose the debate and the election. Some strategists have suggested Mitt wanted to look calm and Presidential that night and reach out to women and not come across too aggressive – Do I have to remind you that 4 American’s died in that attack? Can anyone please tell me a worse feeling for a mother or parent knowing their kid has died before them? Added to this fact that someone might be covering up their death? Is there a more powerful message to America that I care about its sons and daughters who put on their uniform to represent the greatest country in the world home and overseas – and because they put their lives on the line fighting for America and our principles, that I would do everything in my power to protect them and keep them safe, because on September 11th 2012, President Obama DID NOT. In 2012, is that an extremist statement?

Base – One assumption I believe we can make is Mitt Romney took the Conservative base for granted and he never once tried to reach out to them. I believe he considered their vote safe purely because they would vote for anyone over another term of Barack Obama. Mitt made a choice not to do many one to one interviews with Conservative radio and Fox News with people such as – Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, and Neil Cavuto all who have large audiences and instead was more focused on going to places like the View.   The end result was Mitt Romney not only losing the election, but getting fewer votes than John McCain in 2008. I don’t care who is running in the future, but every candidate should be forced to go on every show possible to increase their outreach in future elections.

Economy & Business – The whole platform of Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign was I am a businessman and I know how to get America back to work. Thinking back over the campaign, did you hear one idea that truly inspired you or gave you confidence he would be a good President on the economy?  The ideas were vague at best with cutting taxes but paying for them by reducing loop holes for the rich, but when pressed, could not provide examples of the loopholes. Americans heard he was going to repeal Obamacare but no plans on how to bring healthcare costs down.

There are a few conclusions to take from this election including never take your base for granted, reach as many audiences as possible, tell the people what you stand for and you believe but lastly Bob Beckel summed it up best on Bill O’Reilly’s show the other night – You cannot win an election by just wanting to vote someone else out, you win it by getting them to vote for you*.

*- not exact quote.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe 

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